I Was a Bit Younger

I was a bit younger than 12 when I realized all the teachings of the catholic school, my grandmother and mothers stories etc made absolutely no sense. Every question was answered with:  It's in the Bible...but nobody could ever find it, or You have to listen to God...but if he spoke to me then I was just hearing things and probably needed medication because God doesn't really speak to people unless you are in his special circle of friends.

Nature made sense.  Feeling the spirit of and rhythm of nature, caring for it and having it care for you seemed more believable and reliable than trying to please a being whose rules were unclear and whose voice couldn't really be heard.

It never made sense to me that a God would do such humanistic things like having phantom sex with a human girl to create a human child that would change some of the original rules he made, then allow him to be tortured and killed.  His own child?  That is not really a father I would want.  That is not much better than any human father who gets a woman pregnant then leaves her to care alone for the child, then interfereing sometime later so that mom suddenly becomes really unimportant and the absent father who never had anything to do with the child suddenly is the man to follow...then he allows him to be killed off?....nope still don't get it and not so sure I really want to go to heaven anyhow.  The earth made sense to me my whole life.  I'm pretty happy with the idea of following the rhythm of nature, I'm born, I lived, when I die I'll return to the earth and will feed the earth from beneath.  My natural energy will go somewhere...where that is I don't know and really don't need to know but it still makes more sense than floating somewhere to some kind of place that makes no sense.

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Interesting story. I've always had questions about christianity and the bible as i couldn't understand the contradictions there and no one has ever been able to give me any answers or proofs so i started reading books and searching for the truth and it was only when i got to Islam and read the Quran that i found my answers and proofs of the existence of one God and many many prophets, i learned how to connect to God and i feel his presence in my life everyday now.. hope u find your way and connect to God as well :)

You should get the stupid award, That is the most screwed up bunch of crap and so called info on basing a decision for God that Ive ever heard. You dudes can't even have an intelegent conversation.

Very interesting comparisons between Jesus and Mithra as well as Jesus and other pagan figures. I'll have to check out Zeitgeist, it does sound as if I would enjoy it. I can't say I ever did love Jesus. He never really made much sense to me. If I loved any Christian character it was Mary the mother of Christ. I don't buy into the whole immaculate conception thing but I believe she had a child who was taught of a single God who then felt the need to spread this word. He rose to lead people into believing his story and in the end died for it. Jesus was never as important to me as the mother who gave him life, held him to her breast, loved him unconditionally all his life. Whether or not the story is true, in nature we see the mother of the young doing exactly as Mary did and it makes more sense to me than anything else did.

Great post. I rejected Jesus a few years ago. I loved him at one time (now don't think he even existed at all even as a person) but, I could never swallow all of that insanity that is called the bible. Absurdities, impossibilities, stolen traditions and myths and characters, lies, scientific impossibilities...I could go on and on.... It just doesn't make sense, not to mention as Brotheroftheleavz mentioned, the myths are borrowed. Google "Jesus and Mithra" information and you will see they are exactly alike. I watched zeitgeist recently. Good flick. Think you would enjoy it. It talks more about that there. If (there is a) god is out there I would rather he NOT be biblegod. Check out the OT and how evil biblegod was. A tyrant and war criminal. If that is what god is like, then I'd rather NOT worship him. peace.