I Was About 8 Years Old.

When I stood up in the middle of my friend's house and started screaming and pointing at the preacher that he was a liar it was just an instinct I had.  What do you think happened?  My two best friends, who also happened to be identical twins started crying and felt somehow personally responsible for upholding the beliefs of their televangelist.  The whole thing just never made any sense to me.  It is so completely devoid of logic.

Shaylon Shaylon
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Well you're smarter than I was, I had to accept jesus at age twelve and try to convert my parents before I lost all faith.

Animals, children and often adults are much more intelligent than anyone gives them credit for being. My aunt would ask me for psychic advice when I was younger than that.

um.... how does an eight year old know anything about anything?? i personally think you should retry religion, give god a chance because once your gone its over!

I was an above average 8 year old. Eight year olds know things they sense, they learn and have ability to discern especially an 8 year old with an IQ higher than most adult IQs ever reach! Ordinary 8 year olds aren't idiots either. It might surprise you the conversation one could have had with me at 8 years of age and I am sure their are 8 year olds everywhere who could amaze with their intellect and sophistication having spent most of their life online!

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I was NOT a typical 8 year old. I was about 4 grades ahead of my peers in my skills to reason. Besides it was more a psychic ability of knowing I was had been listening to lies.

I have never met an 8 year old able to hold real conviction about a belief system.