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Daily Me Number One.

so hey everyone who's reading this, today i discovered something amazing.. i don't know howto put it.. but here goes nothing. I have this guy i like right? just like every other normal chick, i have had sex before quite a few times with about 4 other guys. but today i actually realized something.. that sex isn't just 'sex' it's a bond between two other people. when i have sex with this guy i really adore, i just cant describe it.. it's a feeling i have never felt before.. he brings my body closer to him, he grabs me and pulls me in and kisses my forehead while we are making love. he is so careful and makes sure i'm not uncomfortable.. he's the type of guy that does not really show his feelings but all his feelings come out when we are making love. it's so different compared to the sex i have had . so lady's, when you find a guy that makes you feel absolutely amazing, treats you right, listens to you, treats you with respect, then he's a keeper. don't ever think of sex as just 'sex' because it's so much more than that.
missclassy missclassy 16-17, F 5 Responses Sep 23, 2012

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good one.

Hi,wow! I like that

when I was young I had great problems emotionally with girls and sex

I wanted both but couldn't get passed my lack of ability to communicate

early forays into that whole milieu was forgettable

then one day a girl came into my life who tenderly took me under wing and showed worlds I'd only dreamed of...

18 years later we're still exploring each others boundless appetite for joy and happiness through a whole wide scope of life's amazing miracles one of which is sex...

Sadly I think the world places too much angst on the whole fantastic world of sex and not enough on emotional maturity and individual priority on happiness...

I remember a quote that said sex is when you get your rocks off for your own pleasure, joy and happiness...hey rock on

love is after you get your rocks off pleasuring your significant other you spend the rest of your time together fanning the flame of that joy into long lasting happiness...

and then you have children...ha ha ha

that's when **** gets real ha ha ha

thank you, i just want young girls to know that you shouldnt sleep around.

I'm glad you worked that one out already hon. Love and lust are often confused and even manipulated by some, but yes, I agree that sex alone is a very hollow pleasure if the love and the mental intimacy is not there at the start.