I Thought I Could Do It

I thought I could manage without a dog in my life. I am having withdrawal though. I spend so much time alone these days and I miss the companionship that only a dog can provide for me.

Like most dog lovers I am convinced that I can communicate with them on another level than that which I do humans. There are some breeds that frighten me a little because I have been on the other end of angry jaws before--a surprise attack while walking my Greyhound once. But mostly I love them all. And mostly they love me.

I made the decision this weekend, today in fact, to find one that needs a home as much as I need a friend. 

I did consider a cat, because they are cheaper (much) and easier (a little) but I quickly dismissed that because I like being needed and wanted too much, and most cats ignore me and eat my plants, which is annoying. 

I want a dog who will walk and run with me and be happy to see me, and jump up on the bed and lick my face.  

Maybe soon I will write a follow up story about the dog I eventually end up with. I hope so anyway.


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5 Responses Feb 28, 2009

Nora there are countless greyhounds free to good home on this website www.greyhound-data.com even in the US all you have to do is look at the classifieds dogs and puppies for sale. There is nothing better than greyhounds at least in my humble opinion. I have got three ex-racing greyhounds and one whippet all of them deeply loved family members. I understand and sympathesise once a greyhound always a greyhound. with much sympathy and best wishes to you and your new family member.

I feel for you. I'll just say though, you should never blame particular breeds for being 'more vicious' than others. It all comes down to their owners if you ask me, and how they have 'raised' their dog.

That's fabulous, Nora! I sure would like to see a photo of Dakota --- Please? She sounds absolutely the perfect dog for you and one I couldn't resist.<br />
I am happy for both of you and look forward to hearing lots more about her. Hugs and scritches, to both of you.<br />
Gary, I am glad you have the companionship of your two loving dogs to help you through this painful time. Best and very warm wishes.

aw => puppy love. your new best friend, how exciting! hope to see pics!

About 2 weeks ago I got the first dog I have ever had. Like ever. In my life. Check out my story "Peanut," In the 'I have a child with autism' experience. So far, so good. Like you, I'm lonely. With the boys gone every other weekend and 2 days a week, I thought it would be good for me. Turns out it has, and good for my son.