I am getting my dog tomorrow. She was picked up in the parking lot of a fast-kill (think Auschwitz) shelter in NC as her owners were dropping her off.

I told someone recently that I feel a little like, if I rescue her, maybe I can rescue myself a little too.

Here's hoping. 

There is a huge void in my life. Maybe her and I can help each other. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I was counting on it.

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3 Responses Mar 6, 2009

A dog's love is unconditional. They capture your heart and never let go. We have 3 dogs, all inside dogs because they are all part of the family and no one in our family lives outside. The smallest, sleeps in our bed except during sex. Then she looks at us discustedly and leaves. But every night, before I go to sleep, she has to wash my entire face and both ears, inside and out. Very unhigenic, but I love it.

I think the idea of you helping each other is so true,my first dog did the same for me! and let me tell when I cried my dog would sit beside me liking my head them my face as i lift it and faced him(he is a schnauzer died two years ago) when I walked him I would talk to him and the timing with me talking and him lifting his face to look at me was like he was really listening! I really connected with that dog we grew up together,when my parents got him I was I think one or two years old and Fritz(that was his name) I cant remember how old he was but he was a young pup from a shelter from a huge family,one of the kids hit him once with a baseball bat,so he was abit aggressive when you touched him a certain way. my mother told me when we went to the shelter where fritz was kept we went to a small room were he was with other young ones and he walked straight for me pushing the other pups and we decided we wanted him. i've been bullied alot and felt like abit awkward around others in elementary school my dog all ways comforted me when I came home crying and I always loved my dog and took care of him So we helped each other out,like you said. so you probably will help each other out.<br />
<br />
sorry if i rambled on I just felt like sharing a little bit!

I'm so happy to hear she coming tomorrow. I think you two will help each other tremendously. Nothing like a big wet sloppy kiss when feeling down. <br />
Don't worry...she'll probably kiss you, too! (hehe)