A Day That May Never Come!!!!

I spend a lot of time listening to Metallica and some of their music makes me feel so alive and others makes me weep.  This is one that makes me weep but I love it all at the same time.


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I like them all enigma. IMHO Metallica, Aerosmith, and Pearl Jam have none ever had a bad album.

I found the music pre-St. Anger hads the emotional influence to me... St. Anger sucked/sucks, and Death Magnetic, even though it is good, is a step too far for Metallica (They should quit will they are ahead). Now I'm am NOT dissing Metallica for Death Magnetic, I mean.... when I listen to it while playing UT3... damn man, I kill arse!!!! St. Anger... well, it should be the album that should never be. Every other album rocks!

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