Swap With Sister In Law & Her Husband

Friends today I am trying to narrate my life time experience and
before going further I would like to admit that I am very poor in this
language and this is real test of my grammar and vocabulary, as I have
tried to translate our conversation into English, which was in Hindi at
most of the places. After a long tussle with in my self finally I have
decided to write down my lives most erotic incident.

In the very beginning I will say I have made few changes in names of
the individuals and also name of the places, just to maintain the
privacy of the matter and other then that each and every word written
here is true. I am Charu, a female in my late twenties, and this whole
incident revolves around me my husband Harsh, my sister Chaitali and her
husband, Manjeet.

Before getting to the main sex incident I would like to detail the
whole thing, which actually leads us to that moment, and truly speaking
we all were not willing to do anything like that, and it just happened.
If I had to start from the scratch then I will say basically we are
Marwaries and we live in Rajastan,

from the beginning me and my sister Chaitali were very close and
always behaved like friends as the age difference between us is very
less, just more than a year Chaitali is elder than me. Initially
everything started when my dad got marriage proposal for Chaitali from
my husband’s parents, and my parents talked to Chaitali about that.

Officially that day Chaitali disclosed her love affair with Manjeet,
and big drama took place, because Manjeet belonged to different cast.
Leaving Chaitali’s issue at that time my parents asked me for this
marriage and I accepted. After some discussion with Harsh’s parents my
parents set out meeting between me and Harsh and finally I got married
with Harsh

and later after bit of tussle my parents agreed for Chaitali also as
Manjeet was also from reputed and financially reasonable family
background. After marriage I got shifted to Delhi as my husband Harsh
was into the business of garment exports, and I joined him in the
business as I was having professional qualification related to that.

Chaitali got settled in the same town as Manjeet was settled there
only. Now if I talk about my married life then I will say I was rather I
am really happy from my life in all aspects but from the very beginning
I found my husband very mysterious and even today I have never been
able to predict him on certain places.

First day when I entreated in his study room, I thought that I
trapped with a bookworm for rest of my life, as he was having hell of
books on almost all the topics. But I was absolutely wrong, Harsh came
out to be very romantic and mischievous and very naughty but his that
nature always remained caged in the bedroom,

and he was dam serious when he is at work and while interacting with
anyone even with me outside the house, and truly speaking I get shocked
from his activities when he enters in the bedroom and ask myself that is
he a same person who was talking to me in the office just an hour back.

As far as my sex life was concerned, I will say even after 3-4 years
of marriage sometimes I feel as if we have got married in recent past,
and this is all because of him and his naughty activities. Harsh has lot
of ideas to make thing happen and because of this I never lost interest
in sex as every time when life seems monotonous he comes up with a new
idea and arouse me up to the maximum limit.

And now if I talk about Chaitali and Manjeet they were also very
happy with each other. Manjeet was a fun loving guy and I knew him from
very long time, actually we all were in same school and he was
Chaitali’s classmate from ninth standard till our schooling and remained
friends during our graduation too and in second year of their
graduation Manjeet proposed Chaitali

and she accepted and no one else except me, knew this fact that
Manjeet and Chaitali are in love before it was opened officially to the
parents. After our marriage I use to talk to Chaitali regularly, but as
such we never talked about our sex life in detail, as I use to feel
hesitation to reveal truths of my bedroom life a they were very weird,

like initially Harsh came out with idea of few card and dice games in
which we use to lose our clothes one by one and finally ended up with a
sexual intercourse and later when we got bit bored of this we use to
fantasize about people living and working around us and use to make
erotic stories about them,

for example Harsh use to act like a peon of our office and I use to
behave like a girl who use to look after our accounts, and while having
sex we use to address each other with their names. Later this melodrama
went to next stage and we started involving our self with some other
male and female in our fantasies and like this we kept on going making
fantasies and time flew and we enjoyed our sex life up to the maximum.

The incident about which I am writing actually started when Manjeet
and Chaitali came to Delhi to attend one marriage of Manjeet’s close
relatives and they had a plan to stay with us for couple of days as they
were coming a day before to do the shopping. That day they came in the
evening by road and we picked them from the bus terminal and brought
them home

and after tea and casual dinner with lot of chit chat we all went to
bed. Through out the meeting Harsh remained formal and spoke very less,
whenever he felt like saying anything, otherwise he remained silent, as
it was his nature and I was use to of it. When I entered in the bedroom,
Harsh was waiting for me to come, and asked me “what’s the program”
with a smile,

(I forgot to tell you this was his pet line for asking for sex), I
said, “there is no program, I am tired and I had to get up early as I
have to go for a shopping with them”. He smiled and said, “What do you
think, they are sleeping, at this time” I said “yes off course, they
were tired from seven hour of bus journey”,

Harsh laughed more and said, “come on, they will be *******, I could
read there faces that they were eager to get to bed for this”. I said,
“Forget it” Harsh spoke again, “let’s have a bet, what if they will be
*******”? I looked at him with a smile, though I was not shocked, as I
could expect anything from him at least in the bedroom, and spoke, “and
what if they will be sleeping”?

He said, “Then I will do whatever you say, and if I will win then you
will do whatever I say”. “No…No…..I know what you want, I am not
interested” I made my statement, he laughed and said ok, I will not ask
you for that, (Sorry friends I forgot to tell you this too, from the
beginning Harsh wanted me to suck his penis, but I always avoided doing
that as I never felt like doing it,

though he use to do it with me, and I use to enjoy that but I never
admitted this fact that I enjoy getting sucked and never sucked him,
many times he asked me for that but never forced me, so I never did
that). I said “ok then what are you going to ask if I will lose”, for
which he said, “You are going to sleep naked tonight, and off course we
will have sex before that”.

I am always hesitant to this also as I feel very uncomfortable
sleeping without clothes, and Harsh likes this a lot and he asked for
this so that he can tingle me anywhere as I am bit sensitive for that,
specially my armpits. I said ok to it and asked him that how he is going
to prove that they are having sex.

Harsh got up from his bed and took me out in the balcony and peeped
inside Chaitali’s room from one corner of the window from which bit of
curtain was off. I recalled just an hour back when we all were sitting
in the living room Harsh asked me for one book and I said that it’s on
computer table, which was kept in this room and he got up to get that
and made this arrangement to peep inside.

After a minute Harsh stood aside and asked me to peep inside, I
smiled and showed some artificial anger while looking at him as this
time I was shocked from his act. I bent a bit and peeped inside and
found that Harsh was right, Manjeet and Chaitali were busy in sexual
activity and particularly at that time both of them were totally naked
and Chaitali was sitting on the floor on her knees, sucking her
husband’s ****.

I was expecting a note from Harsh on this and next moment he spoke,
“See what is she doing, and you never do this with me, and see how much
he (Manjeet) is enjoying”. I got up and said, “Ok now let’s go” in a
very low voice. He said, “No, see he will also suck her and I want to
show you that how much she will enjoy” Harsh spoke in same low tone and
sat on his knees to peep inside.

I spoke again, “No this is wrong, and we should not do this”. “You
can tell Chaitali that she can also see us while making love, then it
will be balanced” Harsh got up after a minute with a smile and pushed me
bit down holding me from shoulder to make me take glance of the act
happening between my sister and her husband.

I peeped again and now, Chaitali was laying on bed with widely spread
legs, her feet were pointing roof Manjeet was griping her knees while
laying on his stomach and he was sucking Chaitali’s fuckhole and she
seemed as if she was roaming in heaven. I got up after a minute and
said, “lets go now, or they will come to know that we are here”,

Harsh sat again and continued watching the things happening inside
and said, “you go, take off your clothes, and be ready, today you will
act like Chaitali and I will be your Jiju”. I chapped him on his
shoulder and tried to took him along with me bit forcefully but Harsh
insisted me to stay there till they are over and somewhere I wanted to
be there and in any case I was not ready to leave Harsh there alone,

so we stayed there and after few minutes of sucking of Chaitali’s
fuckhole Manjeet got up and inserted his **** in her **** and started
******* my sister with passion in missionary position, from the place we
were peeping, we could not see there faces, rather we could see the
penetration it was clear view,

we could see Chaitali’s fuckhole stuffed with Manjeet’s hard **** and
his **** was appearing and disappearing again and again in my sister’s
fuckhole. Finally Manjeet cummed inside Chaitali spewed out his *** in
her fuckhole after 3-4 minutes of continues *******. Me and Harsh waited
there till wee saw Chaitali’s fuckhole oozing back her Husband’s white

they both were totally exhausted, and we both were heavily aroused
and with in seconds after entering in our room we were tied together in
love making and that day we had one of the best and quickest intercourse
of our life and during that intercourse Harsh was addressing me
Chaitali and I was addressing him Jiju or Manjeet

and seriously friends I got so aroused with the conversation which we
were doing that I cummed twice during those 5-10 minutes of love
making, once when Harsh was ******* my fuckhole with his finger and
said, “Chaitali I wish meri shaadi tujhse hoti, why you said no to me”.
His statement took me back to the past when initially his parents asked
my parents for him and Chaitali’s match and I got excited thinking that,

and assumed Harsh ******* my sister and cummed and then again after
penetration while ******* me when he addressed me with my sister’s nick
name and asked, “Chaitu, Manjeet tujhe sexually satisfy to karr paata
hai na”? ohh… wow seriously his this sentence touched both of us
somewhere and I busted into shattering ****** with a thought that my
Husband is

******* my sister because her husband does not give her sufficient
physical love, and Harsh too trembled with me and cummed inside me. That
day I slept naked in my husband’s arms, though according to the bet
Harsh was not bound to do that but he too slept naked and as expected we
did lot of tingling allover each other’s body and we slept very late.

In the morning as such we were not in hurry, we knew that we will get
late to go to the office, rather that day I had a plan to go for the
shopping with Chaitali and Manjeet and only Harsh had a plan to go to
the production unit. As both the males were busy in there morning
courses like bathing and all and we two I and Chaitali were standing in
kitchen, wearing nighty.

Chaitali touched fabric of my satin nighty and said, “I want to buy
this type of nighty, is this fabric is comfortable to sleep with”. I
smiled on that as I was still not out of last night’s mental state and
said, “I don’t know, maine subah subah pahni hai, and this happened
because of you guys”.

“What are you saying” that was the reply which I was expecting from
her and she spoke almost same sentence in Hindi, “Kya baat karr rahi ho,
humne kya kiya hai”. I smiled and said “nothing, I was just kidding”.
But as I say me and my sister were very close and she could see from my
face that I am hiding something, something which is naughty.

Chaitali kept on asking for next few minutes and forced me a lot to
speak up as she use to do it the past in childish manner. I tried to
avoid but truly speaking even I wanted to tell her about my Husband’s
mischievous and finally I detailed her everything, including every word
we spoke in that time when we were peeping inside there room,

except the thing in which Harsh was addressing me Chaitali while
******* me, actually I didn’t knew that how is she going to react on
that. Fortunately she took our peeping into their room lightly and
smiled a lot and passed a comment on Harsh’s nature that he does not
look that naughty from his gesture, for which I said while laughing,

that “you don’t know what he is, main to fass gayi hoon shaadi karke,
he needs sex everyday even after three years”. She said “Wow” when I
spoke the last line, and said; “give us some tips, our sex life is
getting monotonous”, “this can never happen with me, we will not get
bored even when we will be in our sixties”, I continued my work while
saying that,

Chaitali smiled more, she was happy for me and I was blushing while
talking to her about my sex life. Then after a minute I asked Chaitali
“why don’t both of you peep inside our room, to see us making love”.
Chaitali got excited and said ok to it and said that today in the night
she will talk to Manjeet about this and they are going to peep inside
our bedroom

and told me to make sure that we make love tonight also. I said ok to
it, and took Harsh for granted that he will not be having any objection
for this as last night he casually told me to tell all this to Chaitali
and said that they can too watch us while making love to balance our
immoral act.

Finally we moved in our routine and during breakfast I noticed that
Chaitali was smiling while looking at me and Harsh. I could understand
her excitement but Harsh was unable understand that and he took it
casually and finally moved to our production unit. We three shopped for
the whole day and came back tired,

after some time Harsh also came back from the office and after dinner
we entered in our bedroom and just after few minutes I got a knock on
the door, I came out, Chaitali told me that she had talked to Manjeet
about that and even he had taken it lightly and tonight they will be
watching us from the window. I came back in the room, Harsh was under
the shower at that time,

and I adjusted the curtain in a way that one can see everything
happening on the bed. I wanted to tell Harsh that I have spoken to
Chaitali and today there are peeping inside our bedroom, but don’t know
why I decided to behave naughty like him to arouse him first, and as he
came out from the bathroom with a towel tied around his waist,

I said, “today you are Manjeet and you are going to **** your sali
Charu(that is me)” Harsh smiled, and said, “wow, I was waiting for this
that when you will get into my mode”. Harsh started making love to me
immediately, he was already half naked and next second he undid his
towel and in a fraction took off all my clothes and started sucking my
fuckhole in hurry.

I tried to stop him and said, “Harsh please don’t do that, I don’t
like this at all”, Harsh raised his head as his face was buried between
my thighs, and said, “I am not Harsh, tonight your Jiju is ******* you,
so address me Manjeet and Manjeet is not like Harsh, he can do anything
forcibly” I laughed on his statement and once again Harsh lifted my legs
in air and started sucking my fuckhole with passion.

I addressed him Jiju and Manjeet couple of times and got heavily
aroused just in 2-3 minutes. I turned my face to look at window, I could
see that Manjeet was peeping inside and the thought that both of them,
My sis and Jiju are watching me getting ******, made me *** in the very
next second and I shivered like hell while *******.

I think once even Harsh got shocked by the way I shivered while
*******, because for me it was first time that I cummed while getting
sucked. Harsh got up and said, as if he is Manjeet, “Kya hua Charu, tu
to bahut jaldi jhadd gayi, lagata hai tera husband tere saath sex nahi
karta”,means, (what happened you cummed to early, I think you husband
does not have sex with you)

I smiled while puffing, and said, “yes… he is too busy in his work
and never think about my physical need” and asked him further as if I am
talking to Manjeet, “Manu (sometimes Chaitali use to address her
husband with this name) how is your sex life, with Chaitali” Harsh
replied as if he is Manjeet, husband of my sister Chaitali,

“Chaitu to thandi ho chuki hai, lekin tu abb bhi garam hai, aaj hum
Jija Sali raat bhar enjoy karenge”, means, “Chaitali has become cold,
but you are still hot, today we will enjoy whole night” and with that
Harsh further parted my legs and adjusted himself between them and was
about to penetrate my fuckhole with his rod when I said, “You know right
now Manjeet and Chaitali are watching us”.

Harsh turned to the window and saw Chaitali peeping inside, as at
that time she was taking glance of the things happening between me and
my husband. Harsh got up immediately picked up his towel and walked
inside the bathroom, I was bit shocked with his reaction, I was
expecting a casual reaction from him but he reacted opposite.

I wore my clothes and called Chaitali on her mobile and detailed her
about the mess. Truly speaking at that time my heart was pounding very
high and I was very scared. After few minutes I knocked the door of the
bathroom and slowly Harsh came out and looked at me and then towards the
window. “Nobody is there right now”, my throat was choked with my own

Harsh started wearing clothes silently, and I got terrified with that
silence. “I am sorry” I spoke again, he looked at me with
disappointment and asked me, “did you talked to Chaitali about that” I
moved my head in yes silently, Harsh smiled sarcastically while looking
at me, as if he was saying that you are a fool.

I spoke again in humble tone; “you told me to tell her and you
himself said that they can watch us while making love” Harsh smiled in
same sarcastic fashion and said, “I was joking”. I kept on looking at
him as I was bit confused and really very afraid. I could see that Harsh
was really very disappointed could not react on this situation.

I don’t know what was happening in the adjacent room, between
Chaitali and Manjeet. Once again I spoke, “let’s sleep now I will talk
to Chaitali in the morning”. Harsh knobbed his head in no and said, “I
cannot sleep in this mental state”. Harsh sat on the bed resting his
back; I was standing bit far on the floor, after thinking for 2-3
minutes Harsh spoke again

while looking at me “let’s face the truth” and after that spoke
again, “ask Manjeet if he wants to have a drink with me”. I stared at my
husband and once again realized that I will never be able to predict
him through out my life, as I was expecting a big verbal blow from him
but he remained calm on the surface, I didn’t knew what was going on in
his mind.

Finally I came out and knocked the adjacent room and asked them to
come out to the living room. Initially Harsh took out two glasses, and
then asked me if I want to have it, I said ok without speaking a word
and then he looked at Chaitali with a same question and she too said yes
the way I said, just by moving her head.

I could see that we all were confused and I was realizing my mistake,
everything was messed up because of me. After having few sips Harsh
looked at Manjeet with bit of embracement as he is ashamed of his act
and said, “I am really sorry, for what I did last night” and then after a
minute Harsh spoke again.

“I am sorry for today’s reaction too, actually I was not prepared for
that and I just scampered from there, I would have continued”. Manjeet
smiled and placed his hand on Harsh’s hand and said, “It’s ok, you have
not done anything wrong today, rather I am impressed with a way you
called us and accepted your mistake” then after a minute Manjeet spoke

“actually you guys saw us when we didn’t knew it,…… may be I would
have reacted in a same way as you have reacted, if I would have came to
know in between, and believe me I am also ok with what you did
yesterday, these things does not matter as far as we are comfortable
with it, so I am saying you don’t feel embarrassed,….. sabb chalta hai”.

Harsh smiled on Manjeet’s statement as he got bit relaxed and after
that whole environment of the living room also got diluted and we
continued enjoying our drink without saying a word. Chaitali was smiling
continuously and everybody could see that she is eager to say something
and finally Harsh looked at her with a smile and said,

“What”, “Jiju this is wrong, you have seen us doing, now we want to
see both of you doing, aapko issko balance to karna padega” Chaitali
spoke in a complaining tone. Before Harsh would have said anything,
Manjeet looked at Chaitali with bit of anger as if he is saying shut up
to her with his eyes and said,

“Chaitu chup raho, just forget whatever happened” and looked at me
and continued, “and from this second nobody is going to talk about this”
I looked at Harsh, I was feeling really very proud of my husband, the
way he handled the matter, admitted his mistake and said sorry to
Manjeet and Chaitali, I was getting comfortable and gathered some
courage, and spoke to Harsh,

“I think Chaitu is right, Harsh you should have sports man sprit,
agar ye log humen bahar se sex karte hue dekh lenge to kya ho jaayega,
humne bhi to dekha hai means (what’s the harm if they will watch us
having sex from outside, we have also seen them doing)”. Harsh looked at
me and did not uttered a word for a minute, Manjeet spoke again
casually while sipping,

“Charu just forget it yaar, I don’t have any complains that you guys
have seen us and we have not seen you, let him be comfortable” Harsh
smiled at me and said, “Ok but I have a condition,….” Then after a pause
spoke again, “you will do that also”. I smiled while blushing, and
spoke “see Harsh this is wrong, this is blackmailing”,

Harsh smiled at me and said, “come on be a sport, tumne Chaitali ko
wo karte hue dekha hai na, usse bhi dekhna hai tumhe wo karte hue”
means, (you have seen Chaitali doing that, she also wants to see you
doing that). I was trapped; I continued staring at Harsh without saying
anything, to show my anger. Chaitali asked in curiosity with smile “kya
karte hue dekhna hai”.

I looked at Manjeet with bit of embarrassment, he was smiling and
then at Chaitali, she was also smiling and remained silent. Once again
Chaitali asked, “Come on speak up, suspense kyun banna rahe ho” I looked
at Chaitali and just said, “sucking”. Chaitali spoke again and asked
me, “Iss main kya hai, don’t you do that”? “Nahi I really don’t like it
at all”

I replied without looking at her, “aur Jiju karte hain tere saath”
means (and Jiju do it with you) Chaitali asked in a tone as if she knew
the reply. “Yes” I replied “to fir tujhe bhi karna chahiye, you should
also do” Chaitali tried to make me understand, “No I don’t like it” I
tried to make an excuse, “try to kar yaar, ek do baar karegi to
hesitation chali jaayegi”,

(just try, hesitation will vanish after 2-3 times), I looked at
Chaitali and then to my husband with bit of childish anger, Harsh smiled
and spoke again, “come on be a sport, main bhi to karta hoon tumhare
saath”. I looked at Manjeet, Manjeet smiled and said, “Ball is in your
court, just say yes or no, humen tumhara sex session dekhne ko milega ya

(whether we will se your sex session or not). Chaitali spoke again,
“come on Charu, say yes, I want to see, I am getting mad from the time
all this has started, you have already spoiled my mood earlier, aur abb
bina baat ke nakhre kar rahi hai, sucking to sabb karte hain yaar, there
is nothing to feel embarrassed”.

I realized that this time I am trapped, I had to say yes, and finally
after half a minute I said “Ok”. Manjeet smiled and finished his drink
in one shot and got up and said, “We both are going to that window
again, you guys can start whenever you want, and please arrange the
curtain in way, so that we both can see at the same time”, and then
spoke to Harsh,

“thanks, yaar initially main to darr gaya tha (initially I was
scared), actually you seem very serious from your gesture, Harsh smiled
and said, “you are mistaken, only Charu knows me and that is up to an
extend, I can write a book on erotic thoughts, but these thoughts has to
be only thoughts and we should not try them in our real life, we may
feel embarrassed in future because of this”.

Manjeet asked him again “I hope you are not doing this in any
pressure, its ok if you don’t want to do it”. Harsh smiled and said, “no
no I am comfortable now, but please mind that we have to limit our self
at one stage” “yes off course” Manjeet replied before leaving. We
entered in our room and I removed one portion of the curtain, Harsh told
me to open the window,

so that they can also listen my moans, saying, “Just open the window,
maine dono ko tumhari aah….aahh… bhi sunnani hain” just then Manjeet
and Chaitali arrived on the window and smiled as they saw that window is
opened and Chaitali said,

“wow” Manjeet spoke, “tumhare liye hamari Movie silent thi, hamare
liye tumhari Movie sound track ke saath hai” and we all laughed on this
note. (means For you guys our movie was silent but for us your movie is
with sound track)Harsh took of all my clothes one by one and I took of his clothes, I was shivering very strangely, even Harsh was bit conscious, we were aware of the fact that someone is watching us and this awareness was producing weird sensation in our body. Soon I was laying on bed and Harsh was laying on my top and he started seducing me by book.

After a small kiss he started sucking my breast and I could not control my excitement and started moaning, I was enjoying a lot and the fact that Manjeet and Chaitali are watching me getting ****** by my husband was increasing my excitement and my moans got louder as Harsh moved down on my body and finally focused on my fuckhole and sucked and licked it with his full strength.

I was in heaven and with in two minutes of sucking I was about to touch peak of sexual pleasure and just then my husband rubbed my clitoris with his thumb, next moment I cummed in his mouth and shivered like never before with a very loud moan. Harsh got up from his stomach and spoke softly “Charu today you have to do it,….. please I want to experience this, I will not ask for this again”.

I realized my mistake that I would have given him this pleasure lot earlier, he was starving to get oral pleasure so badly and casually asked me many times but I avoided, this was his love and care for me that he never forced me. I got up and kissed him and came on my knees on the floor and Harsh sat on the edge of the bed in a way so that Manjeet and Chaitali

can see his rod getting in and out of my mouth and first time I took my husband’s erect penis in my mouth, and that is in presence of my sister and her husband. Initially it was really very creepy and I was not liking it and started doing it little fast assuming that like this I will be able to excite him fast, but it pained him and Harsh spoke in that unpleasant tone, “Charu aaram se kar yaar, why are you rushing”?

Suddenly Chaitali spoke from window, “Charu take it easy and think about his pleasure” and then spoke again after a pause, “use your saliva and do it softly, there is nothing wrong in this”. I tried to control my uneasiness and thought that how much I love my husband and only I can give him this pleasure and I have to give best of me,

and as followed Chaitali’s instruction and took out my saliva and massaged it around Harsh’s rod with the help of inner cheek walls and my tongue and tried to take it as deep as possible and next moment I heard my Husband’s pleasure moan, saying, “ohhhhhh…wow, mazza aagaya”.

That was enough for me to carry on and I continued loving Harsh penis he further moaned and the way he was moaning I could see that he was dying for this pleasure and I was delighted with the thought that I am giving him best time of his sex life. Further after a minute or two, Harsh stopped me, holding my head and pulled me from my shoulder to make me stand and kissed me passionately.

I turned my face to see Chaitali and Manjeet, but Harsh made me look straight and spoke again in passion in a very low voice, so that they should not listen “we have to show them that how much we enjoy, hmmm….,” I said “yes while puffing in the same tone”. Harsh pushed me on the bed and parted my legs came on my top and spoke again, in same low voice,

“close your eyes and think that Manjeet is ******* you, I am your Jiju who is laying on your top, hmmmmm…… and don’t control yourself and moan loud” with that Harsh cleaned my **** with a cloth thoroughly (usually he use to do it, whenever I use to get too much wetness) which was kept there, I think it was his undershirt, and almost dried my fuckhole and inserted his fully erect rod in one go.

I screamed in bit of pain, and next moment my fuckhole gulped his **** completely. The way we were laying on bed and *******, Manjeet and Chaitali were seeing our penetration, my sister and her husband could see my fuckhole fully stuffed with my husband’s rod. Harsh was really very excited, and I was little conscious, because of Manjeet and Chaitali,

Harsh could read my expressions that I am bit confused and not fully enjoying this bizarre situation. Harsh whispered in my ear “Charu, address me Manjeet and say some thing”. Till that time Harsh was not moving his rod, he just kept his **** inside my tunnel unmoved, I spoke in a very low voice and addressed my husband, as he is Manjeet and said,

“Jiju, **** me hard, main sex karne ke liye tadap rahi hoon, mera husband mujhe haath hi nahi lagata” (Jiju **** me, I am dieing to have sex, my husband does not touch me) and with that sentence strange sensation went through my body and just then Harsh started ******* me and made few deep and quick movements of his rod in my fuckhole

and I screamed in pleasure loud and Harsh kept on ******* me like that for next 2-3 minutes and I was unable to control my pleasure moans, Harsh and me exploded together like hell and shivered for next one or two minutes while releasing our ***. When we both looked at widow to see Manjeet and Chaitali, they were kissing and Manjeet was squeezing Chaitali’s big boobs

with passion along with sucking her mouth vigorously. After few seconds Manjeet stopped and looked at us and said, “we are going in our bedroom and door is not locked, both of you can come and sit in the room itself. They disappeared from there and we lied there only for next couple of minutes, and I asked Harsh,

“you want to see them doing”? “I don’t know, what do you say, I hope we are not doing anything wrong”. I gave a thought to it, I was really very excited and wanted to see them, so I said, “I want to see them, that day mainly you saw them having sex”. Harsh laughed and said, “Then let’s go, and don’t blame me if I will get excited again”.

We got up, wore our clothes and entered in there room. Mnajeet was laying on Chaitali on the bed and Chaitali’s upper half was completely exposed and her husband was sucking her big ****, Chaitali was really very excited and her excitement increased as we entered in the room, we could sense her state by the she was breathing.

After sucking my sister’s big **** Manjeet got up and exposed her lower half and took off her Panty too and buried his face between her fleshy thighs, and started sucking her fuckhole, Chaitali was going out of breath and as she turned her face to see us, she moaned loud and cummed heavenly, we could feel her mental state,

she was holding and pulling bed sheet with her hand in excitement and shivered in shattering ****** for next few seconds. Manjeet rolled on the bed and came on his back and lied on thee other side, Chaitali got up and looked at us and smiled, and spoke to me, “see how I am going to suck, it gives wonderful pleasure to man”

and next moment she bent over her husband and took his rod in her mouth and started sucking, gradually she increased her speed and slowly took it deeper and deeper and we could hear Manjeet’s moans, my sister was sucking her husbands fully erect **** in our presence, without any hesitation, and in between couple of times she looked at me as if she wanted say

“see this is how it is done”. Chaitali was rubbing Manjeet’s erect **** on her tongue and inner cheeks wall while ******* fore skin of his rod and Manjeet was moaning in excitement. After a minute Manjeet got up and asked Harsh in excitement, “Tell me in which position you want to see Chaitu getting ******”? “hmmm.. doggy style” Harsh replied. Manjeet spoke to Chaitali,

“Chaitu ghodi bann jaa, tere Jiju peechhe se tera penetration dekhenge” (means get into doggi way, your Jiju is going to watch you stuffed from behind). His sentence excited both me and Harsh and Harsh griped me from my shoulder to take me closer. Next moment Chaitali came on her four and Manjeet stood behind her on his knees and inserted his rod from behind,

Chaitali jerked her head and moaned as she got stuffed by her husband from behind, after a minute Manjeet stood on his feet, so that we can see a clear view of Chaitali’s fuckhole stuffed with his rod and continued ******* my sister with steady strokes. Chaitali was moaning and gradually Manjeet’s speed increased and he started riding his wife very fast and finally he cummed in that position and fell on his wife.

By this time we both were well aroused again and it was really difficult for us to handle this excitement and Harsh grabbed me and kissed me and spoke in excitement, “Charu please suck me” with that he tried to push me down and I came on my knees. By the time Manjeet and Chaitali recovered they saw us in action.

After a minute or two Harsh stopped me and pulled me to make me stand and lifted my nighty and pushed me on the other side of the bed, and immediately started sucking me and in a minute my excitement was on peak and once again I was ready to take my husband’s rod in my fuckhole.

This time Harsh asked Manjeet, “now you tell me that in which position you want to see your Sali getting ******” “same, in doggy style” Manjeet replied, I turned on my four and Harsh inserted his **** in my fuckhole in that position. In the mean time Chaitali and Manjeet settled themselves on the same bed in the location from where they can see my fuckhole stuffed with Harsh’s rod.

I and Harsh enjoyed fast hardcore ******* in that position and released our pressure with in 3-4 minutes and finally we also fell on the same bed naked on which Manjeet and Chaitali were sitting naked. Manjeet also lied down and Chaitali went into her husband’s arms, I was already in my husband’s arm. We lied there for some time, without any conversation.

I think like me everyone was thinking that how all this happened, I realized that I was laying naked in front of a man who was not my husband, Manjeet could see everything of my body which was under cover till now and my husband could see every part of my sister’s body which was never reveled to anybody except her husband.

First time I saw someone else’s ****, that is of Manjeet my Jiju’s, my sister’s husband and like this Chaitali could see her Jiju’s ****, by which her sister got ****** just few minutes back. Manjeet broke the silence by saying, “let’s have a cup of coffee”, “hmmmm…. I badly need something like that, thoda to nasha utterega” Harsh acknowledged him.

We all got up, Harsh and I went to our room, Harsh wore fresh clothes, I took shower and after that met Chaitali in the kitchen while making coffee. We both were really excited and Chaitali was bit more then me and she hugged me from behind and kissed me on my cheek to express her excitement, I felt good and asked her, “mazza aaya”, “hmmm….bahut, aaj takk ittna mazza nahi aaya”.

Chaitali replied while holding me from behind. Suddenly Manjeet came out of the room and by chance Harsh also appeared at the same time and Manjeet cracked a joke on us saying, “Now we will see one lesbian love session” and everybody laughed on that and Chaitali spoke “shut up and go, coffee aa rahi hai”.

Harsh switched on the television and by that time we came with a coffee both of them were searching channels that what is coming on which channel. Time was well passed to 12 and we didn’t have a single sign of sleep in our eyes. Everything which happened just few hours back was so weird that nobody was ready to believe that it has actually happened.

We enjoyed our coffee and nobody spoke anything in this context for the long time, couple of times Chaitali smiled and blushed and buried her face in Manjeet’s arm after looking at me and Harsh. Almost after when our coffee was more or less was finished, Manjeet spoke, “I think main to raat bhar jaagunga

(I will be awake for the whole night), because whatever had happened is too erotic for me to digest….and for sure I am going to eat her once again” with that he embraced Chaitali sideways from his right arm. Harsh laughed and said, “Even I am going to eat Charu once again but in the breakfast, not in dinner”

Harsh meant that he is going to **** me in the morning as Manjeet had a plan to **** Chaitali in the night only. After some more chit chat we all got up and thought about going to bed, and once again Manjeet spoke and thanked Harsh saying, “thanks Yaar, for spicing up our sex life, as our life was getting monotonous and …

as everything has opened so much between us that I not ashamed of reveling the truth that after ages I am going to **** Chaitu twice in the same night” and again spoke he asked Chaitali “hai naa Chaitu, do you remember when we had twice in the same night?” Chaitali smiled and acknowledged Manjeet and spoke while looking at Harsh,

“ya… actually Jiju truly speaking since my marriage I have not enjoyed sex this much” and then she blushed and spoke again, “even right now I am totally wet in my panty, itna liquid maine through out life nahi release kiya hoga jittna sirf aaj kiya hai”. Harsh smiled on Chaitali’s statement and said, “Even she (me) is flooding, I can see from her face”,

I chapped Harsh on his shoulder saying, “shut up”. Manjeet spoke again, “let’s go, we have to go to massi’s house (his aunt’s house, where they were invited for the marriage occasion) tomorrow morning. Chaitali held his arm and stopped him and spoke to Harsh again, “Jiju Charu was saying that you have many naughty ideas, give us some tips so that we can also enjoy life as both of you are enjoying”.

Harsh looked at me, as if he was asking me that what else I have told her and then spoke to Chaitali, “may be some other time, right now your husband cannot wait” and we laughed again a bit on that and went into our respective bedrooms. We two slept tight in the night after bit of conversation, Harsh asked me what else I have spoken to Chaitali about our bedroom life.

I replied nothing as such and not at all about our fantasies. Once again in the morning Harsh told me to pretend like Chaitali and he addressed me Chaitu and I addressed him Jiju and we had lovely sex while talking to each other as if I am Chaitali and he is what he is that is Harsh Chaitali’s Jiju.

Once again we all met on breakfast table and had bit of conversation but not much, as we all were in hurry, today I was suppose to office too and that is with my husband who never use to get late. Manjeet and Chaitali moved to there Aunt’s home where they were invited as their driver was waiting for them on the gate.

Through out the day Harsh remained busy as he use to be and I never dared to talk to him about our personal life. For next three days Manjeet and Chaitali were suppose to stay at Manjeet’s aunt’s house but in the evening I received a call from Chaitali, and she said that Manjeet is asking if Harsh can come and pick them up after dinner, as they are not comfortable staying here.

So I and Harsh went there and picked them up and landed home by 10:30 and finally gathered again in the living room after changing. Harsh made four drinks, as it was decided in the car itself that everyone will take it after reaching home. Manjeet spoke while picking up his glass, “seriously yaar as I said, main to raat bhar so nahi paya, though we had sex just once again in the night because I didn’t had more energy, unless I would have done it one more time”.

Harsh smiled, Manjeet spoke again, “and only I know that how I have spent my whole day, and tell you frankly I wanted to meet you, that’s why I asked you if you can come and pick us”, Harsh smiled again and asked Manjeet while sipping, “are you sure, you wanted to meet me or you wanted to see Charu”?.

Manjeet blushed, and went silent, “come on speak up, as such there is no reason to hesitate, we have gone so far in this matter”. Manjeet spoke again while smiling, “yaar abb tumse kaun jeet sakta hai, you are master of human psychology” means (nobody can argue with you), then spoke again, “by the way there was one more reason to get back to this place” and before Manjeet would have gone further Harsh spoke

“I know, you didn’t had separate bedroom for the night” Manjeet laughed on that and said, “I surrender, I do not have to tell you anything, you are a genius”. Harsh laughed a bit and spoke, “no no there is nothing like it, its simple logic, wife aur mobile hamesha dusre ke achhe lagte hain, and as such there is nothing big to predict that there will be lot of people in that house.

Everybody laughed on Harsh’s first sentence that everybody likes mobile and wife of the other person. Manjeet spoke “tell me what you like about my wife”? Harsh smiled and remained silent, Manjeet spoke again, “come on there is nothing to hesitate”. Harsh started after some more time, after a bit bigger sip,

“Ok now everybody is going to speak up about his or her desire or fantasy which is immoral, and nobody is going to mind it”. Manjeet raised his glass and said, “Ok”, Harsh looked at Chaitali to ask if she also agrees, then to me and we all agreed. Harsh smiled while looking at Chaitali, and spoke,

“Actually long time back my parents showed me Chaitali and Charu both in one marriage function and asked me, with whom I would like to marry, and I went for Chaitali, at that time I didn’t knew anything about there nature, I chose her because she had a better body then Charu, actually I like big breasts, big *** mounds and fleshy thighs which Chaitali has,

Charu diet a lot and try to maintain herself” I looked at my sister, she was blushing and smiling a bit as her Jiju was praising her physical assets, then after a pause Harsh started again while looking at me, “And I would like to request my wife that now when she know the truth then she should put on some weight and flesh on her thighs and hips, and for her breasts I will say that I

am already working hard to enlarge them and from today I will suck them daily so that they can grow further big”. My god I was about to die I humiliation, I was blushing so much after Harsh’s comment and got up to go in embarrassment, but Harsh held my wrist and pulled me on him and hugged me first and then kissed me hard on my lips. Manjeet started clapping and seeing him Chaitali too started.

After a minute, Manjeet started and his statement was very similar to Harsh’s statement, while looking at Harsh what he spoke was, “ I think females are mixed up between we two,……..initially during our graduation I was trying for Charu, and reason was same as it was yours, for me Charu has better figure and I like what she has as a breast and *** mounds, but she was blind,

she never realized that I always tried to impress her and unknowingly Chaitu got impressed with me and I thought about compromising, Charu na sahi usski bahan hi sahi, issi bahane se Charu se milta to rahunga”. Hearing that Chaitali smacked hard on Manjeet’s shoulder, and for once Manjeet screamed and continued, “And I will not mind if somehow I will get an exchange offer even today”.

Once again everybody laughed and Harsh looked at me as it was my turn to speak up, I could not think of saying anything and once I said that I do not have anything to say, Chaitali spoke, “no no you have to say some thing, aise nahi chalega”. I asked Chaitali that if she can speak first, I will speak up my desire later.

So Chaitali started and what she said was, “Today I am realizing my mistake that why I said no to Harsh, and I am really jealous of my sister that she has a better husband than me,……who love her more as compared to my husband who does not loves me that much” and then Chaitali paused for a second and smiled and continued,

“also who **** her more as compared to my husband, who is bored of me now……I wish I would have said yes to him at that time”. Everybody smiled on that and Chaitali kept on staring my husband, and while smiling, she held her both the earlobes between her fingers as we say sorry to someone, and spoke again

“Jiju I am sorry for what I did in past, bass abb aap Charu ko chhodo aur mujhse shaadi kar lo, waise bhi Manjeet likes Charu, they will marry” means “Jiju I am sorry for what I did in past now you just leave Charu and marry me, Manjeet likes Charu so they will marry”. Manjeet started clapping and said “wow” while hooting.

Harsh smiled while looking at Chaitali and then looked at me, now it was my turn and I could not think of saying anything, but everybody was waiting for me to speak up. I wanted to say that I love my husband and do not have any fantasy, I am happy with what life has given me, but I had to speak something which was immoral and finally I recalled last night’s incident

in which me and Harsh were watching Manjeet and Chaitali ******* very closely and size of Manjeet’s rod took my attention, it was bigger than my husband’s **** in both the ways, means length and thickness, and after bit of hesitation I tried to speak and before that looked at my husband, he motivated me from his eyes and said, “come on speak up”

and finally I spoke while looking at my husband, “ Manjeet has a bigger **** then you, I think it will give me more pleasure as it will go deeper in me”. Harsh smiled while looking at me and I blushed, I looked at Manjeet he was also smiling and spoke while looking at me, “seriously yaar, we guys just got mixed up, it’s total mismatch”.

After a minute Harsh got up to go, but Manjeet tried to stop him and asked “one more peg”? Harsh smiled and said “no no I am going now, things as getting really weird now”. Chaitali spoke in her fashion, “come on Jiju, tomorrow is Saturday” she knew this that on Saturday’s we use to shut down our unit a bit early and use to relax even in office. I too got up to go, once again Chaitali spoke,

“Jiju give us some tips, so that we can also enjoy as you people enjoy”. Harsh looked at her and sat again while smiling and looked at me and spoke to me, “tell them about our fantasies about people around us”. I spoke while smiling and tried to explain Manjeet and Chaitali that what we do to give each other change, and started while looking at Manjeet,

“actually sometime I act like other female and he addresses me with that name, like in the morning when we were doing, he was addressing me Chaitali and I was addressing him Jiju, like this some times he acts like other male, like last night he was acting like you and I was addressing him Manjeet and Jiju, just to give a feel that we are ******* with someone other then our partner”.

As I finished Harsh spoke while looking at Manjeet, “everything lies here, in you brain………….. Tonight I am going to **** her as if I am you, means today Charu will be in the bed with me but she will fantasize as if she is with you and she will address me Manjeet and will speak something sensual”.

Manjeet smiled a lot after hearing this and said, “Interesting” and looked at Chaitali and spoke again “We are also going to try this”, Chaitali moved her head in acceptance. Harsh spoke again, “You can add more characters in this fantasy, like some times Charu gets ****** by me as if our merchandiser is ******* her or sometimes I **** her as if I am exploiting a female who work in our accounts department,

some times she behaves like our maid and I **** her as a owner of the house, etcetera etcetera. Manjeet smiled again and said, “seriously yaar, you should write a book with a title, how to improve your sex life” Harsh laughed and said, “That’s what I said yesterday”. After a minute Manjeet spoke again, that was good, you must be having some other ways too.

Harsh smiled and said, first you guys go and try this, and tell me whether you like it or not. With that Harsh got up and tried to move from there by after saying, “I think now we should get to our beds”. We all came to our rooms and I lied down in my husband’s arms. For next few minutes Harsh remained silent, he was thinking something.

Don’t know what but he was mentally occupied. After some time he hugged me and asked, “Sex karna hai”? (want to have sex?) This time he was not at all enthusiastic as he uses to be, I said yes, “haan, Karna hai”. He kissed me and gradually took off my clothes and ****** me after sucking my breast nicely,

but as such there was no conversation between us during the intercourse and that was something new for me, Harsh always use to talk to me while making love to me, sometimes romantic, sometimes erotic but that night he was aroused and he just ****** me and I easily met my peak as I was bit aroused with the conversation we had in the Living room with Chaitali and her husband Manjeet.

After sex when we both were resting somebody knocked door of our bedroom, it was Chaitali. I came out to talk to her, and she told me to ask Harsh if we can go for a movie tomorrow evening as they had to attend a function in the noon and by 5 they were suppose to get free and with a smile she said “ask Jiju if he wants to fulfill his fantasy by making love to me,

then we are ready, as Manjeet has a desire of making love to you”. For a second I thought about saying no to it then and there but I gave a thought to it and said “I am not sure, it will be possible” Chaitali smiled and said, “Just discuss with Jiju, it will be great if we can do it once”. I came back to the room lied down and attained my previous position, which are arms of my husband.

Harsh asked me that “what’s the matter”. I asked him about the movie, he said we will see at that time if it will be possible. I wanted to ask him further but I remained silent, as I could see that Harsh was behaving very differently that day in the bedroom, he was never that silent, and closing his eyes he was just thinking.

Finally after thinking a lot I spoke while looking at him, “Harsh” keeping his eyes closed he just hummed to say yes, “do you want to **** Chaitu”, I asked him with a pounding heart, he remained calm without any reply and expression, to my surprise he was not shocked from my question, I felt as if he knew that I will ask him this question.

He remained silent till I asked him again “tell me, do you want to **** her”? Harsh turned around and lied facing away from me and spoke, “let me sleep”. I think he was suppressing his desire, I continued thinking about Chaitali’s proposal and a thought of assuming my husband ******* my sister drove me wet again and then I thought about myself having sex with Manjeet,

husband of my sister and this continued driving me crazy. Though I had a guilt feeling about this, I was feeling as if something is wrong. From Harsh’s lying gesture I could see that he was not sleeping, he was awake and thinking. I tried to turn him towards myself and he turned, I spoke while looking into his eyes,

“Chaitu is asking, they are ready to do that, …….. Manjeet has a desire for me and Chaitali also wants to be with you in the bed” with that I moved my hand to his pelvis, he was hard on his penis, I could see that he too wanted to **** Chaitali he was thinking about that only, but he was hesitant to say yes to it. “And you”?

Harsh asked me and with that he tried to insert his hand in my panty and found me wet. I moaned as he moved his finger on my slit. “Tell me, do you want to have sex with Manjeet”? Harsh asked me again and moved his finger on my slit couple of more times and I moaned bit more while thinking about switching about my husband with my sister.

Harsh was looking into my eyes while waiting for my reply, I replied bit positively saying, “I am Ok with it, if you say yes”. Harsh kissed me for a while, and spoke again, “I want to do it, but I am not sure that, I should do it or not”. Finally we slept while thinking about swinging but without conversing much on this.Next morning, Harsh got up very early and leaving me at home he went
to production unit in hurry, may be he did not wanted to face this
question from Chaitali’s gesture, before leaving he fixed the program of
movie of at 6:30. Chaitali asked me after Harsh’s exit, I spoke the
truth that we want to do it but we are confused.

Chaitali tried to convince me that we should do it, and for that she
gave me bit long lecture saying, life is short and we should enjoy and
all, there is nothing wrong in this as far as it is done with mutual
consent, this is just sex and demand of body and we should not give much
importance to this and bla….bla….bla…..

Finally after that conversation Chatali and Manjeet took a leave for
Manjeet’s Aunt’s house where they were suppose to attend the noon
function. I remained at home and thought a lot about it and thought of
my husband ******* my sister and equally the thought of myself getting
****** by my sister’s husband rose some sort of lust in me and made me
bit horny,

above that I could realize that Harsh also wants to do it, because he
never behaved like this, the way he was behaving right now, he was
suppressing his desire for Chaitali and finally I convinced myself that
there is nothing wrong if we will do it once to meet our fantasy.

As far as Chaitali and Manjeet were concerned, I don’t know how they
were so relaxed, how they got ready so easily. Finally around 4 Harsh
came and asked me again about it by saying, “what do you think, we
should do it or not”, I confidently said, “Let’s do it”.

He just said ok and told me to call Chaitali and confirm it, and told
me to ask them if they can come on there own in a self driven car at
Cineplex where we were suppose to see the movie, Chaitali held the line
and asked Manjeet for that and after 2-3 minutes Manjeet confirmed that
there hosts can spare a car for them, so whole program got finalized.

Then Harsh called his friend who was having a fully furnished vacant
house in NCR and asked for the keys. (Harsh use to ask for the keys of
that house occasionally when some foreign buyer uses to come to visit
our unit and he had to make an arrangement of his stay). Finally we got
down in the car and after picking up the keys we moved towards the

Till then I was Ok with whatever was happening, but when Harsh asked
me that where I would like to do it, in our own house or in that house?
My heart skipped a beat, and I went silent and thought about it again
and said in that house after Harsh asked me again. We met with Manjeet
and Chaitali, and I got more nervous, I could not see any awkward
expressions neither on Manjeet’s nor on Chaitali’s face.

Harsh was silent as he use to be outside the bedroom and he was
behaving casually, he had a good control on his features and his
features use to obey his commands. Finally movie came to an end and we
came out to look for something to eat, and Manjeet asked if we can get
separate from here only, so everything got settled,

that Manjeet will take me somewhere for dinner and Harsh will take
Chaitali for that and after that we will proceed towards our
destination, Harsh handed over the key to me of that vacant house and
asked me if I can go there independently, and I said yes to him and
before leaving he spoke to everyone “just make sure Koi kisi ke saath
kisi tarah ki zaberdasti nahi karega”.

(Means no one will force other person for anything) and everybody
accepted his request. I moved with Manjeet and drove the car to one good
restaurant of one of the posh market of Delhi and had dinner. Through
out the dinner I was very uneasy and somewhere something was pinching
me, I could not concentrate on anything, neither on the food nor on what
Manjeet was saying.

He was talking to me about our school and collage life and I was
sitting like a dumb, who was lost in her own world. I could assume scene
at my husband’s end and it was floating in front of my eyes that my
husband will be sitting with my sister and don’t know what they will be

I was realizing my mistake, a thought about my husband making love to
some other female drove me in agony this time and I was unable to do
anything now. I could see Manjeet was really enthusiastic and his
gestures were showing his mental state, he was happy and continued
talking without realizing my mental state.

Finally dinner came to an end which I barely had and with that I got
more uneasy. We came to the car, Manjeet tried to hold my hand when
initially I held the gear to move and I looked at him and spoke that I
am not a good driver so this can be dangerous while driving. He
immediately removed his hand and said sorry and continued talking.

He asked me about the place where we were going and when I replied
that he asked something else and then something else. I was driving and
replying, but internally I was getting into depression every second.
Finally we reached to that place. As no body lives there, so Manjeet got
down to open the gate and I entered in the compound and remained in the
car only.

I could not move out, suddenly I realized that my feet has gone
heavy, I was unable to move them to get out of the car. Manjeet waited
for me outside the car for minute or two and came closer to the car and
looked at me, by that time my eyes were full of tears and now he could
see that I am uneasy, this was the difference between him and my

In past from the day I got married to Harsh I do not have to tell
that I am uneasy, he uses to read me like a book, and use to ask me lot
before then this stage that what is wrong. Manjeet sat beside me on the
car seat and asked me, “Charu kya hua”? I continued crying and while
crying couple of times I looked at him, Manjeet tried a lot to control
me but I could not stop crying,

I went on for next 4-5 minutes and finally spoke “I cannot do this,
please……mujhe ghar jana hai I want to go home”. I could see Manjeet
expressions changing, I could see disappointment and bit of anger on his
face, but he remained calm and spoke after a minute or two, “Charu just
try yaar, there is nothing wrong in this, let’s go in, I will not force

let’s have a kiss and if
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