Sali Swaping Part 1

YEH SACCHI GHATNA HAI baat 12 saal pahele ki hai mera naam Raj aur
meri biwi ka naam Shanu hai Main apne ghar se alag dusre shaer
mein naukri karta hun. meri shaadi ke ek do saal bad ek baar mujhe
training ke liye kuch mahine ke liye bahar jaana pada us time meri
saali jis ka naam Latha hai meri biwi ke paas rahene ayii. Jab mein
waapis aya, us din shaam ko ek ladka jis ka naam Raju hai ghar aya
use meri saali ka BF karke interduce kiya. Do saal baad unki shaadi
ho gayi. Woh ladka engineer tha aur ek consultancy company mein kaam
karta tha. Who kisi kaam se hamre city mein aye aur who dono hamre
saath rahe.
Kyunki ghar mein sirf hamre room mein AC tha to raat ko khane ke baad hamne unhe who kamra diya. Jab mein change karke bathroom se nikla to dekha ki Raju Shanu se ek tarah se lad raha tha maine poocha “kya hua” Shanu said ” he is insisting that we sleep in ac room ” I said “ur guests u sleep in ac” this went on for some time thenRaju said suddenly “why not we sleep in same room” I was uncomfortable with the idea but Shanu said “itne payaar se bol raha hai lets agree” I said ” ok. But Raju and Latha will have to sleep on the bed we will sleep on floor.” So we put mattress on floor and took a chaddar on us and Shanu and me we lied down on floor while Raju and Latha lay on the bed. After some time Shanu reached and started to rub my cok I was startled but the idea of doing it with ppl in the room also excited me we started to kiss and fondle. After a few moments Shanu turned and went down me trailing her wet toung on my chest nibbling my nipples I pulled the sheet over us as Shanu took my cok in her mouth and started to suck it I reached out and pulled her by her legs and turned her over so that her ***** was over my face her legs were folded around my face as my head was touching the bed and started to lick her we got carried away and rolled over so that she was below me her legs were folded up against the bed as that happened the sheet fell away and I saw that Raju was also doing oral to Latha and our eyes met . the room was lit dimly by night light and also light was coming from bathroom. He winked and kept on licking Latha . he had positioned Latha so that her ***** was at edge of bed and her feet were hanging down touching the floor, he cud also see us. This excited me. He slowly moved Latha so that her creamy white legs and feet were in front of me I was terribly excited by all this he then all of a sudden made a movement with his head and eyes indicating that he wanted to be Shanu. By now I was also fully tempted to lick the beautiful white legs of Latha so I nodded he needed no more he reached and straightened Shanu legs by holding them from her ankles Shanu stiffened for a while my cok was in her mouth and her face was in grip of my thighs I was surprised that instead of protesting she hugged me tighter as Raju started to lick her feet and suck her toes. He rested her legs on Latha legs. I also reached and pulled Latha’s pretty toes to my lips she also stiffened for a while then relaxed . after a while Raju rose and lay besides me he reached between us and started to fondle Shanus boobs. I rolled off and it was very exciting to watch him squeeze her boobs he then took her *** in his mouth and started to suck it while fondling the other it was very exciting to see Shanu sucking my kok and Raju sucking her ****.I looked up to see Latha sitting up an looking at us I PULLED HER TO ME AND buried my face in her ***** she went mad . Shanu left my **** I turned to see and saw Raju bend towards her and plant his lips on her lips and I saw him put his arms around her and kiss her This sight turned me on crazily. I didn’t want it to end just there. I also put my arms around Lathas legs and began to caress her. She looked at me smilingly giggled and fell on me. I took the opportunity to pull myself to her and kiss her on her ears and then began to probe my tongue into her ears. I sucked on her earlobes. I knew this turned on wife a lot and wud work on Latha also. My **** was throbbing with arousal. I pulled myself away to have a clear view of what was happening. My wife and Raju were engrossed in their kiss.It was long and wet. Raju’s hands rubbing my wife’s legs rather I should say thighs. I again went closer to Latha. “I love you baby” I whispered in her ears as I placed my hands on her breasts and started kneading them.By now Raju was licking Shanus face, her cheeks, her his hands roamed all over her belly thighs ***** I kept keading and pressing Lathas breasts and nipples, which were erect by now. I saw my wife’s hand onto his crotch . He held her hand as she rubbed his ****. Raju once again lowered his lips on her nipples and began to lick and suck them, moving from nipple to the other. This brought out muffled moans from my wife.He kept going at it. As her moans became more audible. Raju was by now, all over her . With one finger he pushed into her naked ***** .he then lowered his face to her ***** He tasted my wife’s ***** with one long swish of his tongue. This brought out another loud moan from Shanu.She hungrily pulled his cok into her mouth This encouraged Raju to hungrily slurp on my wife’s ***** with his toungue. He nuzzled his face and nose into my wife’s ***** as if he was enjoying her scent. Her eyes were closed as moans of pleasure escaped from her lips now and then.”Aap ko unhe dekhna accha lag raha hai ” Latha whisperd in my ear I was too excited to answer I just nodded.Maine Latha ke pas akar suke pairon ke bich jhukte hue pahaleuski choot par ek jordar chumma diya and I pushed my toung into her ***** . She rolled me over and took me in her mouth and WOW she was slimmer and fairer than my wife her thighs were more smooth I was in heaven after some time I got up and uski kulabulati hui choot main apna cok lagaya aur ek dhakke ke sath anadar ghuser diya. She also apni kamar ko uchka ke mera pura ka pura lund apni choot me dalwa liya. Raju aur Shanu were also at it with josh I was in seventh heaven ek choot of a nubile young woman mein apna cok daal kar bahut maza aa raha tha dusra I cud see Shanu being ****** by Raju I was ******* her deeply at same time kneading her breasts Raju;s thick cok moving in Shanu’s choot furiously Suddenly Latha held me close and said “aap neeche leto” I turned and lay down She sat on me and started to ride me I started to knead her breasts I turned my head and saw Shanu” face near mine as Raju rode her her eyes were glazed and she was enjoying her self Tabhi acanak Raju ne Shanu ki chhot marna band kiya aur Shanu ko doggie position mein kar uske ke bade buttocks ko pakad kar he started to ride her from behind Shanu bhi doggie ban kar Raju ke dhakkon ka jawab dene lagi Thodi hi der mein I cud feel my *** building up Latha ne mujhe apne sechipka liya and she went wild riding me ******* herself and not stopping till I shot my load in her she then lay on top of me her **** twitching around my cok Udhar Raju bhi Shanu ko apne chipka kar filled her with his *** and collapsed on her We all lay exhausted side by side I reached out and patted Shanu’s hair she smiled at me

After sometime Latha got off me and we sat up I asked her for water
she poured me a glass

Raju also pulled out of Shanu ***** and that sight of his thick
*** covered **** sliding out of Shanu leaving a *** trail drove me
out of my mind Shanu glanced at me dreamily I drank half the glass
and gave her the other half

Latha went into bathroom after sipping water Shanu also went into

“Thanks Jijaji ” Raju said “That was so pleasurable. ” and shook my
hand. I smiled at him but there were a few thoughts bothering me, a
few things need to be asked.

To create the right atmosphere, when both girls came out I
said “That built up my appetite Can we have some snacks” The girls
put on their gowns and went to kitchen to get something to eat I
got up and took out a bottle of Red Burgundy got glasses and
poured four glasses for ourselves. Latha came back with eats

“Where’s Shanu” I asked

“Didi aap ke ladle ko dekhne gayi hain” Latha replied Just then
Shanu walked in and sat down and we all sipped wine, nibbling the
eats while making small talk

When I saw they had relaxed “Did I miss something before today ?” I
asked suddenly grinning at the three of them “Don’t you think I need
to be told something? It was a bit too pat ”

Raju grinned sheepishly ” Jijaji I have always had hots for didi and
Latha knew about it, as a matter of fact I used to fantasise about
didi while doing Latha and she also wanted you always”

“I had told didi about our fantasises” chipped in Latha “But we were
never sure, we did not know how you would react as you never even
flirted with me ”

I just smiled and looked at Shanu, she smiled back and said “now we

All of a sudden Raju gulped his wine and reached out and pulled
Shanu into his arms and started to kiss and fondle her

Latha got up and cleared away plates and glasses while I went to
bathroom to wash When I came back lights in room were off, only the
night lamp was on, and Latha was sitting nude on the bed while Raju
and Shanu were busy with each other sprawled on the mattress, I
could see that Raju was fully naked and Shanu also had shed her
gown, her naked body was glistening in the dim light, I left the
bathroom door ajar and walked over to Latha

She smiled at me and held me from my waist, She stopped me from
sitting and took my **** in her mouth biting softly over my pyjama
while squeezing my *** and pulling my hips to her face, I removed my
kurta and vest. She opened the cord and my pyjama dropped to my feet
she slid off the bed and knelt in front of me running her moist
tongue all over my **** balls and thighs it was mind blowing
watching her do all that then she started sucking me and WOW my mind
was in a tizzy as her warm moist mouth was driving lightening bolts
of pleasure through my body while her fingers were caressing and
fondling my ***, my balls..

I could now see Raju going down on Shanu and she was sucking him in
69 position . the sight of 2 of them was driving me out of my
mind Raju was lying below my wife licking her ***** that was
towards me. The sight of ones wife with another man is a REAL turn
on folks. .

Suddenly Latha stopped and As I looked on Latha said “aap dono ek
saath kyun nahi karte didi ko ” She must have seen my interest.

I was startled and my eyes fell upon Raju licking away at my wife’s
*****. Realising that I was looking at him, he looked at me . I had
a smile on my face which made him smile too. I nodded at him,
indicating my joining them, which he understood. And gestured with
his hands to make me know that he too had similar ideas.

I needed no further prompting, and quickly moved to their side
got hold of my wife’s waist and turned them on their side I went
behind my wife and hugged her Shanu seemed startled but relaxed .

I began licking her neck and her back As I reached in front to
squeeze her **** it was strange to feel Raju’s body I kissed all the
way down to her *** and crack licking her anal opening with a stiff
tongue. It was a strange feeling and sight Raju was licking her
**** and our tongues and lips would touch accidentally as would our

My wife’s whole body was squirming and thrashing as both of us
worked on her. After a while I got an idea and I pulled away and
called on Shanu to lie down flat on the sofa

“Lick her chhoot” I told Raju “and make her hot” Not that she need
to be he Immediately got into the act kneeling on the floor and burying
his face in her ***** I moved over to her face and pressed my ****
to her lips she smiled and pulled me by my **** and took it in her
mouth .it was so crazy she was being eaten by Raju while sucking

Latha got up switched on the lights, got her handy cam and started to
film out action. After a while Raju told us to stop he pulled my
wife to the edge of the sofa and pulled himself backwards till he
was kneeling on the floor in between her legs with her ankles
resting on his shoulders . He told me to get behind the sofa and
hold my wife’s hands over her shoulder I moved behind the sofa and
grabbed Shanu’s wrists and held her hands above her head He held
his **** in front of her *****. He started to slowly rub the tip of
his **** on my wife’s **** and ***** lips driving her crazy he would
just insert the head in and then withdraw, teasing her

She cud not do much as her top part was in my grip she started to
squirm and buck. After a while he suddenly gave a grunt and with a
big push entered my wife’s *****. ! “AAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGG GGGGGGGG”
Shanu let out a moan

He then asked me to suck Shanu’s **** which I started gladly.

The dual titillation of her ***** and nipples brought out loud
spasmic moans of pleasure from my wife. My shy wife looked like a
sex goddess now.

**** me, **** me” she almost screamed, like a ***** in heat. I had
hardly ever heard such words from her ever before. As I sucked her
**** “Give her your lollypop jiju ” Latha whispered in my ear and
continued filming.

I smiled at her gave her a squeeze and and mounted my wife’s face,
standing half-upright facing the wall behind the sofa. My legs were
on either side of her face, as I placed my **** on my wife’s lips
she held my *** with one hand and my **** with he other. She licked
the head with flicking motion of her tongue. She ran her tongue down
the lower side of my **** down to the base and took my nuts in her
mouth. I felt my *** ready to boil out so could she. She suddenly
squeezed the base of my **** and let go of my nuts and took my ****
in her mouth.

She started to suck me hard and deep bobbing her head on my **** as
my *** again built up I held her hair and pushed deep in her throat
Because of the roughness, my wife resisted on reflex, but in few
seconds relaxed her mouth and greedily accepted my ****. I began to
literally **** my wife’s mouth. And came with a loud grunt in
loads, that I never had before which began to gag my wife’s mouth.
But I just pushed the **** deeper into her mouth. I emptied my load
deep in her throat, I went on *******, till my ***** was overflowing
from her mouth.

Finally I got off my wife and slumped on the floor. I could see her
face clearly now. It was fully covered with my *****. I had not just
come in her mouth but all over face too. I looked around and saw
Latha filming the whole thing .

Raju was still strongly at it kneeling on floor and pumping
furiously. She was tightly holding the armrests of sofa to steady
herself and had wrapped her legs around Raju’s neck pressing him
onto her.

“**** me , **** me ” she started screaming and moaning as she
started to ****** .

Raju was responding equally loudly with long “yessss” and furious
thrusts of of his pelvis.

As their ******* subsided they lay still tightly holding each half
hanging from the sofa .

My wife finally opened her eyes, looked at me with a satisfied smile
and started to grin when she saw me grinning at the sight of two of
them lying half on half off the sofa wrapped around each other.

Raju got up and went into the bathroom Latha followed him
My wife was left alone with me for a while, and she was trying to
catch her breath.

“You look so beautiful” I told Shanu , feeling a lot of love for
her. I poured her a glass of water and then wine

She laughed. “You sound like u are enjoying it ”

“Really you do look heavenly” I insisted “especially with all that
***** on your face” I gave her a mirror from the dresser.

She laughed again but was surprised to find so much of ***** on her
face and tried to wipe herself with her hand. I helped her with a

She picked up the glass of wine and took a couple of sip.

“Gosh, I cant believe it, am I really doing this” She said with a

“And I am glad it happened this way and with them” I replied with a
bigger smile “You fantasised about Raju before ?”

“Yes ” she replied.

“did u **** each other before” I asked

“No” she said but I was not convinced

But That did clear up some questions about the whole thing
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