Biwi Aur Sali Part 3

Shanu looked at him questioningly.

“Kya ufff ” Shanu exclaimed ” how many times . Oh no I am tired. I
cant go through with it again” Shanu told him with a soft laugh

“Oh” he exclaimed disappointed

“Just a quick one” he pleaded as he sat next to her

He began to fondle her breasts as he went on “Just let me *** once

” Kitni baar “she shot back “There is one other women in the room,
why not her ” my wife asked him

“I have been wanting to do u since first day I saw u You are
different. I always wanted to **** you ” he replied with a child
like innocence.

Normally my wife would have never tolerated this language, but now
the circumstances and the mood were different.

She just smiled thought a while and looked at me, I just shrugged
and smiled back . She shrugged back rolled her eyes and lazily got
up and sensually lay down on the sofa, as if hesitating and thinking
but I knew she was flattered . I rolled my eyes at Raju and gestured
with my hand to encourage him.

He scampered on top of my wife, “I always fantasised ******* you
even when I was ******* Latha” he said breathlessly kissing my wife’s
cheeks forehead nosetip which brought out further laughs from my
wife .

“Noo, I am tired” my wife said loudly but light heartedly. Raju got
up looked disappointed and glanced at me I silently waved him
encouragingly. He then placed his head in her lap and held her by
her waist kissing her belly pubic mound and thighs

She sighed and asked me for a glass of water which I gave her

She took two sips and sat up. Pulled Raju up and kissed him on his

“Don’t be rough, ok” she told him. with a smile. This was sort of an
approval , which made Raju happy. She looked at me. I smiled and
winked at her

“Please be on your fours” Raju requested my wife

“Aha” she responded rolling her eyes hevenwards but complied . She
was upright in a doggie position holding the armrest of the sofa as
he took his position behind her.

He didn’t spare much time as he tried to enter her with a big push

“Nooo, not there, LOWER ur sooo biggggggg” she told him.

He repositioned his **** and entered her ***** this time with a big
push, which brought out a loud grunt from my wife. Moment he was
inside Shanu , he started thrusting his **** in and out of her
***** with a lot of force. I guess Shanu must have already been
lubricated as I didn’t hear any sounds of pain from her , only

We both were watching too with a lot of interest.

“Look at them ” Latha told me “is not she looking beautiful with

My wife and Raju were unashamedly displaying their sexual union.
Raju was kneeling on my wife’s back squeezing her breasts with his
hand as he kept ******* her in the doggie style.

Latha climbed onto the sofa behind Raju and started kissing him all
over on his back. At the same time she wrapped her arms around him
and started pinching his nipples. Raju must have been in seventh
heaven .

She then slid down the my wife’s ***** where his **** was entering
her. She started licking his **** and then gradually moved on to my
wife’s ***** and anal opening. She pushed her tongue into my wife’s
anus, making her yelp with pleasure. My wife must not have realized
whose tongue that must have been.

Latha then moved forward licking the entire length of my wife’s
spinal chord to her neck. She nibbled my wife’s neck for a while,
during which my wife must have felt the difference of her tongue and
body. As, Shanu turned around to look who it was, her face came
inches close to Latha’s. Latha promptly placed her lips on my wife’s
hugging her hard !

WOOOOaaa My wife’s eyes went round in Shock and surprise her own
younger sis kissing her and her jija ******* her

Latha almost devoured my wife’s mouth as she took both her lips in
her mouth and sucked furiously

The sight was too much for me I got behind Latha and spread her ***
applied lube and entered her ******* it was nice wide hole I was
able to get in with ease Raju must have been regularly ******* her
*** I went wild ******* her *** making it difficult for her to
continue with her sis

Raju saw me ******* Latha’s *** he gave me a wide grin and pulled
out of Shanu’s ***** and positioned over her *** I stopped him and
threw the lube at him. Shanu turned to see what was
happening “noooooooooooooo” she said her eyes wide ” Thumhara bahut
mota hai ” she said to Raju He just continued to grin and went on
applying lube gel to her ******* and on his **** he bent and kissed
her *** and said “Relax Didi” positioning his huge **** at the
opening he slowly inserted it till the head was in then with one
push he went in all the way. Shanu yelped in pain and collapsed and
then for sometime.they both lay quiet

He kept kissing her neck rubbing her sides and whispering in her
ears making her relax When she had relaxed he got her up and
started to pump her *** My wife’s whole body was squirming as he
worked on her

“You like me to **** ur *** you like ur *** ****** ” ? he asked

“yesss” she replied amid her fast breathes

“yessss, I want you to **** my ***” she went on

“GOOD I am ******* your bunghole ” he grunted with pleasure

“ahhhh yessss.. ahhhh ….oohhhhh Raju” my wife kept saying as she
approached her ******.

“Jiju kidhar kho gaye ” Latha brought me to reality I was so
engrossed in watching Raju and Shanu that I had stopped I
sheepishly started to pump Latha

“aaaaaaaaaaauuuuugg gggghhhhhhh. ….YYYEEESSSS! !!! **** me!!!! ****
me!!! “Ohhhhhhhhhh… ! Yes,” doooit! noooooooooohhhhh! ” After about 8-
10 min
Latha began to scream

Hearing this I also got totally enraptured and moaned
aaaahhhhhhhh. .. mmmmmm… uuuufffffffffff” , and started *******
with more power full strokes The excitement was building up and
sensing this Latha began bucking fast into me in time with my
thrusts I ****** her with long strokes, pulling my **** almost all
the way out before driving it back into her again making her wilder
and moaning

” ****… ****… **** me harder ****… ****… **** me harder I AM
****** BY YOU Always.”

Listening to this I also screamed “TAKE IT MY DARLING, TAKE THE
MORE… TAKE HERE… MY… ***** ”

Latha also responded “**** me… my ***… your **** has given
extreme pleasure today… **** meeeee more… as much as you want…
I’m yours only.” I was now ready to squirt and sensing this she
began bucking more and I then exploded into her and poured my hot
& heavy ***** into her *** ,

I collapsed on her she also began to ****** very hard and violently

When we came to our senses Raju and Shanu were sitting on bed and
looking at us smiling

“What was that ” Shanu asked ” U never were so excited with me ”
she pouted

“It was all seeing u and Raju That made me wild ” I replied and took
a towel and wiped Latha’s ***.
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You do know how to write a hot story. thank you.