I Thought He Forgave Me, But I Guess Not

Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year now but in the first couple of months of our realtionship I was still in love with my ex of 5 years and continued to talk to him and see him. Most of the time I was talking about my ex to my boyfriend, we still had mutual friends, and I explained to my boyfriend that I still loved him my ex. This crushed my boyfriend but he forgave me & he told me that he wanted to be with me and that we were moving forward in our relationship, but I've noticed after me getting caught on several occassion still interacting with my ex my boyfriend's attitude changed COMPLETELY. He is extremely possesive, insecure, aggressive, and demanding. It's been over six months & I deleted every male number out of my phone, we have each others passwords to EVERYTHING, and I've even shyed away from my friends to show him that I only want to be with him. It seems like nothing is ever enough for him and he starts arguements with me over every little thing. I ask him does he resent me for the fact that I still loved my ex he says no, but every single time we argue he calls me hoes, tells me he doesn't trust me, that he thinks I would have sex with other people, and tells me I made him act the way he acts now. Then when we both cool off he tells me he didnt mean it & that he was mad but I can tell he really feels this way about me & it breaks my heart. I opened up to him and shared things about myself that I never told anyone & when he gets mad he throws them in my face to hurt me. I am getting fed up & I feel like he thinks I owe him something.
prettylady55 prettylady55
18-21, F
May 20, 2012