Help Again.

I was already on here once. But the thing is me and my bf is not allowed to be together. its complicated there. this was the greatest boyfriend i still have. but we aren't allowed to be together its hard don't get me wrong. But me and my ex Boyfriend were together before. Its Hard right now. i'm going through a lot right now. My ex Boyfriend were together for 9 month but that was in 11th-12th grade. but i broke up with him. Because he didnt understand me and he was always to busy and he never ever answers my calls or texts. so me and my ex Boyfriend got into it. i told him i don't to be together. So what he did is keep on calling and texting me. all i did is Ignore him. which he has done with in the past and now. he asked y haven't u called or texted me back. i said becaused i was mad at you and i was ignoring you. like what u did to me. (HE SAID 2 DON'T MAKE A WRONG. HELLO AND IT'S OK WHEN U DO IT TO ME. HE SAID I WAS MAD, ANGER, PISSED, AND BOUT TO THROW MY CELLPHONE. AND AGAIN I DONT LIKE IT EITHER WHEN U DO IT TO ME. I SAID TO HIM WHEN I DID IT TO U. I TOLD HIM THIS IS HOW I FEEL WHEN U DO IT TO ME. I WANT TO MOVE IN WITH MY EX BOYFRIEND. BECAUSE WHERE I LIVE NOW WITH MY PARENTS AND BROTHER. ITS VERY HARD TO GET ALONG WITH THEM. AND ME BEING HERE I NEED A FRESH CLEAN SLATE. FROM HERE. ME AND FAMILY R COMPLICATED ITS ALWAYS BEEN COMPLICATED SINCE I WAS 2 YEARS OLD. BUT I HAVE TOURETTE SYNDROME. AND I TOLD MY EX/ BOYFRIEND THAT I HAVE TOURETTE'S. IT'S MY EX BOYFRIEND BUT TO BE HONEST I DONT KNOW WHAT TO CALL MY BOYFRIEND ITS EITHER OR BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO HERE. I DO KNOW I WANT TO MOVE IN WITH MY BOYFRIEND WHICH HE IS MY EXBOYFRIEND. BC I HATE WHERE I LIVE NOW WITH MY PARENTS AND LIL BRO.
breannetopley18 breannetopley18
18-21, F
Sep 22, 2012