Is It Worth It ?

I'm 19 yr old male who has been in a relationship for nearly 2 years, I've always loved attention and flirting with girls and texting other girls before my relationship but when I got into a relationship obviously I sort of stopped it I feel like its not what I want and I'm not comfortable and even if I want it, my girlfriend can be nasty and say things that aren't that good but I just let it blow over me, I've lost a few friends because of her ! I feel like she's tearing my life apart slowly and I just miss the old me who was always happy no worries and loved attention and texting girls, any ideas on what I should do ? I feel like I should get rid of her and get back to my old life, anyone?
Jgf2011 Jgf2011
18-21, M
Jan 7, 2013