Falling For Someone Who Wears Diapers

I am having feelings for someone who wears diapers and I want to see what kind of advice/reaction from people on this subject. My neighbor and I drive by and do our friendly wave and stop occasionally with some small talk. Sometimes he would stop over and have a drink with my husband and I, and vice verse. One night about three months ago is when this story takes place. I was alone one night and wanted to have a drink so I went next door to see if my neighbor was home. No one was home so I got up the nerve to text him to see if he was going to be home soon. Found out he was in Florida visiting his son for a couple of days. We ended up texting for several hours into the morning hours. During that time he told me he wore diapers and wanted to know if I ever noticed them. He had been trying to get my attention for eight years which he also told me he found me very attractive, but was too shy to tell me how he felt about me. After he told me these things I wasnt sure how to respond. I didnt care that he wore diapers, Im not one to judge people. To make a long story short our texting hasnt stopped. We have learned so much about each other, it is unreal how two people have so much in common. Our personalities and outlook on life are so similar. Our relationship has delveloped closer than either of us expected. He has confessed how much he cares for me and has even went as far as to tell me he is in love with me. During this time I have changed his diapers, had sexual relations with and without his diaper. We recently had the opportunity to spend a whole night together, in which we diapered each other, he even bought us matching plastic pants! What an experience for both of us. He got to experience a fantasy he had always wanted to do and I am glad I am the one he got to share it with. I finally got up the nerve to ask him about a future together. His response was his marriage is comfortable and that he would have a lot to lose. His wife knew about his fetish early in their marriage, but did not like it or want to share it with him. It was not spoke of again and still to this day she has no idea he wears diapers frequently. I to am married, but it is in turmoil and has been for some time now. He told me if he met me 15 years ago things might be different, but he want to continue with affair. Of course I cant say no to this, I dont want to let him go. When do you find someone in which you enjoy their company, have great conversations and great sexual experiences? He is thirteen years older than me and he thinks that this might become a problem in the future. We are both are confused and dont want to give each other up. What does a person do when you find your partner ,soulmate,in a situation like ours? Do I stick with having an affair and maybe one day in the future we can be together or just give up entirely?
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wish I lived near you

In affairs of the heart, go with your heart. <br />
The mind is for solving problems; like what to do if you get caught ;-)

Wow, that's a bit of a pickle, goodsb... Since it sounds like your own marriage is in trouble, my first question would be, is it salvageable? Do you want it to be? If it's not, then having this side deal going isn't going to change much, unless it gets used against you in a divorce (keep it secret!@), so you might just have to bide your time and have your side fun with the neighbor. Just because your marriage doesn't hold out much hope does not mean that his marriage is headed the same way. His wife might be ok with him having an outside fling to get the diaper stuff out of the house (I seriously doubt that from what you have said, though...), but breaking up his marriage in order to put one together for yourself is starting things out on shaky ground. You might just be better off having whatever joy you get from each other without putting the pressure on to be the sole other person in his life. In other words, can you guys still have your existing type of relationship without taking it to the higher level??? Chances are, if his marriage gets ruined over this, he's not going to be exactly the same person you now know, if you know what I mean. He might even blame you for breaking things up, if you do something that brings that about. It's a tough place to be in...<br />
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And, of course, you're the one that is there dealing with this, so I'm sure you now how tenuous this whole situation is. My ONE big word of caution is "be careful with the texting" and stuff. It's breaking up one of my family member's marriages right now, and that's because they were way to overt. It's hard to retract those pesky texts, once they get sent, and you really never know who's holding the phone on the other end when that incoming text chime rings, do you??? Best to come up with some other way to communicate that doesn't leave a trail... (Like on the X-Files when Mulder puts a taped X on one of his windows to signal his handler that they need to talk... That might not work, but a rock placed strategically in a yard might, or a rake left against the house, etc...). Once you plan a get together, turn off the phones and jerk the batteries if you don't want to be traced (many phones have GPS now...) to a hotel or whatever.<br />
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Ok, so I've offered what little person-to-person advice I can offer. I'm most curious how your neighbor figured that you'd be receptive to this situation of his diaper wearing without actually having commited to the relationship. Had you sent him signals? Do you wear? Did you wear before you knew him, or had you ever heard about ANY diaper wearing for fun & pleasure? Keep in mind, I just ran across this thread, so I haven't checked out your profile to know what your EP's are, but just color me curious how his message got out and how receptive you were to the initial shock of knowing that he was interested AND that he was a diaper wearer? Do you find him attractive, smart and all that other stuff that people look for in each other??? Does he find those same qualities in you??? WILL HE EVER consider dumping his wife for a diaper-wife??? Will you change once you get together with him and find the diaper-stuff NOT SO stimulating? <br />
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As for the fun that you have had, I think it's great that you both have shared this intimacy with diapers, and I hope that you can find common ground in the future.<br />
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OK... I just checked your profile and I see that yours is no plain-jane vanilla-girl profile. You seem to have some higher degree of interest in finding and putting a man in diapers, so take my thoughts (from above) and run with them wherever they take you, but LET YOUR HEART DECIDE where you and the neighbor end up. <br />
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As you probably already know, there are TONS of other guys out there hoping to find a nice lady to share diapers with, so keep your options open and let the chips fall where they may. There are many, many apples on the proverbial diaper-tree...<br />
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Good luck!<br />
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hi goodsb,as for myself ,i would just keep seeing him .as for your marriage i would say if its in turmoil then let yourself be happy with your friend an both just enjoy the time you,s spend together .if you like him an like the sexual sharing of wearing diapers an plastic pants ,i say more power to you,sso i say stick with it if it makes you both happy go with it as for me i would love to find a woman who was like you that is willing to share fantacies together.to find a woman that would diaper an wear them too.greatt . good luck ray