I Was A Dendrophiliac - My Romance With A Tree

In the early stages of being a man, i came to the realization that, everything on this planet is practically the same, we're all just a bunch of atoms, so why do i have to settle for a sexual relationship with humans? I can experiment. I was walking through the park one day, looking around at inanimate objects and animals, but nothing seemed to 'turn me on'. I thought i'd failed, so i sat down and lay against a random tree and began reading one of the twilight's. After a few minutes i swear i heard someone call my name, so i instantly sat up and began to look around, no-one recognizable was there!

After the third time of this happening, i began to inspect this tree i was lay on, which i thought was silly at the time... but after a few minutes i began to focus on a certain point midway among this 11 ft thin tree, it was a human-like face. I gazed into what looked like it's eyes and i just felt a connection, and i began to kiss the tree on it's 'lips'. Only one person saw me do this, and they instantly went away, but i didn't mind.. I was in love!!

I began to see this tree often, and it eventually told me it's name was 'Ani', which i later found out was Latin for Anal, which made me go back in the middle of the night to discuss this with Ani the tree. After thorough inspection of Ani, i saw there was a perfectly sized hole in the behind of the tree, and from that point on, i made regular intercourse with this tree, and i loved it... i love her (the tree).

After a few weeks I and Ani the tree began to have a relationship, which involved me spending a lot of time with her, regular intercourse and even a sex tape. I also looked into the marriage of one to a tree, which seemed non-existent, so i held my own ceremony, and we were happily married.

After about 2 years of my relationship with Ani, i received a letter from the council that the park was having a few 'modifications' done to it, which i thought nothing of until my next visit. When i saw a man sizing her up; they were getting rid of this row of trees. I knew nothing could be done, i sat with her all through the night crying, we had intercourse 4 times and i allowed her to anally ********** me, for the first ever time. In the morning, at around 10am, it was time for her to leave, i turned away as they removed my beloved tree, and before she was thrown into the back of a vehicle, i insisted the man removed a small branch off of her and give it to me.

This small piece of wood was crafted into an anal ***** sex toy, for my use only. Since my experience with Ani i came to the realization that i was to stick with humans, and at that point i realized i was homosexual. I am now in a relationship with a man 32 years older than me but the intercourse is still great!

It's an odd story and extremely unbelievable but i hope you do in fact believe my story and hopefully take it on board and maybe even learn a little about life, this was hard for me to say but at least it's off my chest! I thank you all for reading, thank you!
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Love is Love, no matter what it's between. <3
Also, I'm sorry she got cut down.

I hear ya man