Life's Up And Downs Causing Confusion

Getting married at a young age. I thought it should be forever. Dealing with 12 years of IPV (intimate partner abuse), 25 years of fear and 13 years of celebacy has led me to believe that is no such thing as happiness. Then I found a soul-mate. Only problem is, spouse has started to act nice and I have never been one that could hurt another. I could use suggestions on how to go aobut telling one it is over. If he were still evil it would not be a problem but no matter how I feel, I cannot get over the IPV of many years and I know that I can never be happy in that relationship. Many medical issues are causing me to stay as I could not live without medical treatment and since I am unemployed have no means of getting medical insurance on my own so I feel at a cross roads. Do I stay for my life or do I get out for my happiness? I am so confused at times I don't know which way to turn.
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1 Response Sep 21, 2012

such a difficult position to be in. It's very hard to forget and move past abuse from an intimate matter how "nice" they become, the scars they've left remain. I firmly believe that abuse changes our perspective of the abuser. We may still love them and want them in our lives, but it's impossible to ever see them the way we did pre-abuse. Best wishes to you...xoxo