What's Up With Cheating?

So, this is the third dream I've had this week my boyfriend is cheating on me.. And I really don't think he would, it makes no sense.. In this dream my boyfriend and I were on a trip visiting his aunt and uncle and cousins, but none of them were any of his family that I knew. We were staying in a room in their house and had to be at the airport to go home in a couple hours, and all of a sudden my boyfriend had to see his friend. He was desperate it seemed and I kept asking who it was and he wouldn't say. He ran out of the house almost missing the bus, grabbing the bus to the point it was dragging him... It made me suspicious so I looked through all of our stuff looking for clues. Finally I ask his aunt, uncle, and cousins. His uncle said he knew I'd ask cause my bf told him if I did to not tell me who he was visiting. My bf gets back wearing a different shirt, one of his shirts he's had for a while. I kept asking who he saw, but still he wouldn't tell me. I was so frustrated.. Then woke up.
Dreamertcs Dreamertcs
Dec 1, 2012