I was dating a very wonderful guy for 1 year i loved him but i wish i knew why i cheated. For 10 months i cheated and lied to him i was sleeping with a guy i knew for 3 years that is married. I was wanting to have a baby with my boyfriend we was trying but also i was having sex with the other guy. Feb i found out i was pregnant but i was so scared cause knowing it can be either guy but i kept it a secret i lied to my boyfriend i told him there wasnt a chance the baby was not his. He took care of me he was good to me when it was time for her to be born my bf was therd through everything he watched the doctor cut me open pull her out and not knowing she wasnt his why would i treat someone like that i hate myself for it. I let him sign the birth certificate and i continued to lie but one night the other guy texted me and all hell broke lose thats when the truth came out my bf broke up with me we r still talking tho he is giving me a chance to show him i do love him i do care. He told me he would of forgave me for cheating and git back with me but having a baby by the other guy its hard to look at her and think of what i did knowing she nit his i wish i knew why i did that but can someone help me i dont kniw what to say to him i have said im sorry so many times
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sounds like a real hard situation to be in,,,