i'm a man now, i have a strong personality, ambitious, also i'm a dreamer, happy and in the end i'm in love.
it's all because of you, all my emotions, all my thoughts, the person whom i am right now.
i had a life, i thought it was what i should live, the happiest, the easiest.the best life that i could have without getting hurt, and with no struggles...
16 November 2012. welcome my precious, i felt like i was reborn again on this day, i started from the beginning. a scary beginning, that i knew that shouldn't do it , but i couldn't stop it. it was something powerful, something more than words can described, it took my mind away, and it touched my heart, erased and changed all my decisions all my ambitious all my thoughts, simply it made me found myself!
your beautiful amazing, wonderful. ur so special. are you real ? or just an illusion that my mind and my heart wanted, because i never been happier or more ambitious or more dreamer than now, since the day i met u.
you are one of your kind your making my dreams true, ur making me proud of myself... ur making my life so simple so easy.
i couldn't ever imagine that u'll remember every dream i told u every thought i wanted, i thought u were just playing game.
it appeared that u were the only person that understood who i am, and what i want, u take the hardest decisions the hardest moves with me,ur even being in position that it's beyond your capacity.
believe me i appreciate and i understand and i can feel what your doing and what your going through i'll give u every thing that i have, i''ll give u my life cz i kn it will be in very careful hands, it will be in the right place.
i had a question from a long time, i tried to figure it out, it's inside me .. i will say it...
how am i ?
but now i can answered and it's sos simple, I am YOU.
i love you.

tefah tefah
22-25, M
Feb 5, 2013