When Is It Alright To.......

Ok I am a question kind of guy so I like to make hypothetical scenarios and get input from others. So her goes with my first one.

What if your 48 yo girlfriend was in dire straights in need of money. I don't mean for that dreamy pair of shoes that she saw at Marshall's the other day. I mean her home has been foreclosed on and she has to move but has no where to go. She has tried her best to find a job and there just are none. So as a last resort, she decides to go on one of these **** sites where a person can talk with her for a certain amount of money. Here is the real big rub! She didn't tell you that she was going to do it. Not because she was trying to lie to you but out of shear desperation she has decided to do this.

How about guys and girls. Should you be upset at her for doing this and not telling you? Should you be upset at all. Mad, angry, hurt? Should it be grounds for breaking off the relationship? After all, Now that she has actually done this, how can you possibly trust that she won't do it again sometime? Or even take it a step further? Then again it was out of desperation. It could be determined as pretty resourceful. But, isn't the bedroom a sacred place for couples?

All Good questions...

Thanks for taking part....
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1 Response Sep 6, 2012

I would say do you love each other and have a strong bond? If yes things should be worked through. We are all human. It would be natural to feel angry but if this was done for survival there are lots of gray areas there definitely not black and white. I would not see it as grounds for breaking off a relationship. However, more communication most definitely.