I Was Cheated On Once At The Beginning

I am 22 years old and just ended ( a month ago) the best relationship i have been in, we started going out 2 week before we became an official couple on feb 19 2011, when we started daiting we both stopped talking to our ex's out of respect for the new relationship, every since that we have spent almost everyday together , we got along fine, we were the best of friends, we didnt have much of a past , i was his second girlfriend and he was my second boyfriend. we started to get serious , and fell in love quickly and ever since we have never looked back , he was attentive, he looked at me like i was the most beautiful woman in the world, and he proved to me that there was no one else in his heart , everybody used to see us and say we were so in love and we were, but i always had this little suspicion that in the beginning of the relationship he still spoke to her ex for a few more week , well after 13 months together i found out ( 1 month ago) that they did see each other in the beginning , that she called him and wanted to see him , he told her then that he didn't want to because he now had a new girlfriend ( me) and wanted to be with me , she started crying and begged him to just let her in his house to talk so she could get closure he (stupidly) agreed and when she arrived she was all over him , he asked her to leave but she stayed and say that if he didn't sleep with her she would pick up the house phone and call me ( so that i would think that the were having an affair) he again stupidly agreed , she left him alone after that she never looked for him again, well as i said i just found out and immediately broke up with him , i couldn't believe this happened, he is like this nerdy guy that doesn't know a lot out women he is kinda naive which is why i couldn't believe it ,i know it was before we were very very serious but he CHEATED and i have always said i would never be with someone who has cheated on me, well its been over a month and he still looks for me , we go to the same university and everyday he goes to school to see me , i have treated him like crap so he will leave me alone but he is still there, i even left the city to get away and he was there at the airport when i got back , i still love him but still doesnt change the facts, i dont know what to do , he says that he will do anything to get me back but unless he can go back in time and change the past i dont know how i can get over this
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Sorry to hear this. Sometimes the feelings of jealousy and envy are hard to deal with. I have a relationship with a woman who I find is most beautiful in my life. She told me that even though we are friends, that I should have other women as friends and she was ok with that. I do like this woman very much, and I hope the friendship grows over time. If it's a respectful relationship I'd just say just be friends, and enjoy his company.