So in cleaning the heart-weighed clutter of fifteen years
I find letters to you, to you, and to you.
Letters that have accumulated dust, tears, and blood.
Letters never sent, never read, again until now.
I have loved, lost, and loved again.
So easy, so hard, so fast.
Again and Again.
Again I find myself spiraling down this forbidden
Tear-stained, blood-soaked- crazy-give-all-to
Path and find myself halting every step.
Those eyes when caught steal my breath
Lips that speak the most delicate words
A touch so gentle everything disappears.
Is it worth it to take that next
One foot infront of the other
On a path I know will end.
I know you are scared
I know you are hurt
But tell me now before my heart takes that next
Will it just be me...or will you be walking with me?
wallsofheart wallsofheart
Sep 7, 2012