So Angry.

I am so ******* angry. My boyfriend use to be a HUGE partier, and since we've been together (he also made this decision before me) to settle down, get a place, and maybe start a family. I've caught him multiple times trying to arrange times and places to **** other girls, that's not just it though. His facebook is full of nothing but naked girls, or ***** posting pictures of nothing but them making out with their friends and other girls pictures of them in their underwear, ****** me off. I'm tired of seeing all these girls all over his facebook, I have trust issues and he needs to respect me by cutting all these ****** out of his life. I never had a problem with the sleezy *******, until he ****** up.
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hi, i m a guy and i had done similar thing to my gf, i was caught on fb asking gals for a date, and to one or 2 gals,about sex. when I feel deeply in love with her, i stopped doing it. My trust is at stake, and i am so much ashamed of myself. you can read my story at <a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a> .<br />
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Coming to your problem. If he is cheating on u, i think there is seriously some problem with him. try talking with him, if he is nt ready to talk, i think he is not correct for u. Does he talk abt ur future or feels for u? If you think he loves u , give him a second chance. My gf has forgiven me, and i am trying my best to regain her trust.

He does talk about the future and he has been trying. It's still hard to trust him, and just all the girls all the time, like his 'exs' always making snarly remarks to me, and all the girl 'friends' posting their nudes and ****, it's (to me) a little disrespectful to keep them around when he knows that I don't trust him, and I don't want these girls around, friends or not, they are not the kind of people I want near him/us. I've deleted and left friends for him, and I've always been faithful. I don't think it's a big deal to delete some girls off facebook that like to post pictures in their underwear and making out with other girls for him to gah over..

hmmm it seems a curious case. the friends of his making remarks on you?knowing that you are his girl friend, Omg, what the hell is happening in your case. . Okay i think you should leave this guy, and learn this lesson well, and wait till you get your soulmate.

Well i am not in such worse condition, i just asked for a date in fb which i never got, lol, and also asked 2-3 gals for sex, for which too, i didnt get reply and I never tried. Well, i realised my mistake.

I wish you get the love of your life. atb in life