Can't Get Over My First Love

I met my first love a few years ago, we were together for a year but on-off we continued to see each for several months after breaking up. I fell in love with him so fast, he made me feel like everything was a dream, it was perfect. Suddenly he become very aggressive and found out he had Paranoia Skitzophrenia, he was always accusing me of cheating and his jealousy took over him. I had to end it cause he started physically hurting me. We didn't speak for about 3 months after we broke up, I was depressed, it killed me. Its been a year since our split, were friends now. After everything i still love him more than anything, it's so hard. What would you do in this situation ? Thanks
RoseSim RoseSim
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 8, 2012

i been there, but now i have a different amazing man, you can get over him, itll just take some working with, for me i met my current bf and that helped me get over my ex and actually pretty fast, u just got to find what would help you, if its meetin someone new like me, make sure hes the right one. at least ur ex still talks to u, mine dont but i dont rly care