I Had To Lay Him Go For The Right Reasons But It's Killing Me

I've been with my boyfriend for two years on and off and we jus two different people, we love each other so much but we have no future am a go getter and he jus too layed back I want a house and a family and he jus happy working part time and not interested in pursuing my dream with me, he says he wants to spend the rest of his life with me and always talks about marrige but he jus never done nothing about it, as much as its hurting me, I split up with him and I can't stop crying, he was my best friend and we where together most of the time so now I feel so alone, ive got my friends but knowing I won't see him again, kiss him and hold him is tearing me apart, but I know I had to let him go, before anymore time is wasted, he says we don't have to be going through this as all this is my decision, but he not realising why am doing it, we have had problems in the past and he has done and said really nasty things and he sometimes horrible when he drunk, but he always says sorry and how he knows he had to change and how he loves me so so much but I think he loves me, but not enough, I nagged him loads to do he would get proper job do we could move out and stuff but he jus happy with how his life is and I jus want different things, I know on the long run this was gonna happen, it jus feels like a big thing in my life has gone, and knowing I've made that choice to be this sad seems crazy but I'd rather it happen sooner then later x x
tiffany12x tiffany12x
Sep 13, 2012