Good Bye,daisy.

My sweetheart,my companion for three years,my only friend around me,leaves for Nairobi,a place which is not new to her,but where she'll now the wilds and under the protective watch of a competent custodian, till she needs him no more.
With me since she was only two months old,Daisy will embark on her new journey. Be with her own kind.Find a lover who will give her a very new kind of love.With whom she'll bear the fruits of her love...her little cubs,sooner than later.
Good bye my kitten.You know how much I loved.Do you remember the time when you sucked at the nipple of the little bottle that had milk for you. Even if you've forgotten,I do.The way you slept like a little kitten in my lap,followed me around.
I wasn't your mama but I did take good care of you and I now do not know how I'll do without you.
Promise me you'll be a good big cat there too.When you think of me,look at your mate.Take care of your kids when they arrive.Let none of them go amiss.
Good bye, Daisy. I love you so.

Post script: I dedicate this story to Daisy,my pet cheetah,who I found abandoned near a wildlife resort in Nairobi.I am fortunate she came into my life when I had no friends,not a soul.She understood me,loved me like no friend did.She has to raise a family now. Its hard for me to her go but its good for her.
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It's wonderful that you love her enough to do what's best for her and let her go. You are a good person for taking her in and raising her as you did. Is she going to a wildlife refuge?

:') no matter where you are, your souls will always be connected...

To: ForgottenMuse. Yes,she has.