Think Im Falling In Love But Scared To Admit It

Ok so i was with my baby mama for 3 years and the whole time it was hell .
Im a very social person
I love making ppl laugh
I like to meet new ppl
And id love to have that perfect movie relationship so i got with my bm cuz i saw her as a possability
But she took her mask off and cheated on me with my bro in law
And i took her back( not that she appologiezed for it but hey for the kids) and the whole time i became anty social i becam bitter and dead inside i hated my life the pnly joy i has was my son so i thought i dont want my son to see me like this so i left the girl but i stoped lovig her or eny emotianal attachment to her years ago so it was about 3 weeks ago so i went out with my friends and saw an old friend and we started talkig and we connected like supper well so she comes over and i get that i that perfect relationship but we still not together but i feel like im falling for her she makes me happy she makes me feel like she brings out the best in me and im just scared
Rancidlove33 Rancidlove33
22-25, M
Sep 24, 2012