Finally Happy

so this is my story......

when I was with my ex, from 2008 to 2010, I lived 2 years in hell on earth, he was so horrible, constantly broke my heart, he lied, cheated, gotten girls pregnant, told me i was the only girl he was sleeping with which was a lie and i found out because of personal reasons. He stole from me, my friends and family and I was so wrapped up in him that I defended him and did everything for this guy only to get really hurt, I made huge mistake with him. He always downgraded me, called me inappropriate names and most of all broke my heart. I was always upset, hurt and depressed, my family hated him and tried to warn me away from him, also had problems with the family because he was black and me being Italian...they were not fond of interracial relationships and also casue he wasnt right for me and hurt me but of course I didn't listen, and stayed with him cuz i "thought" I loved him.
But then......
on September 30, 2010 my life forever changed and met the man of my dreams. I have never felt this way about anyone in my entire life, this man makes me feel so good inside and out, Sunday is our 2 year anniversary and I feel he truly is a Heaven sent gift from God. My family adores him and he is mixed so Im in an interracial relationship and my family likes him because of the way he treats me and they see Im finally happy. He uplifts me and encourages me, makes me feel like a princess and that im only girl he has eyes for, I truly love this man with all my heart, everything is right between us, no more hurt, downgrading, insults, pain-emotionally, and most of all no more broken heart. I truly feel God sent me this man to free me from the pain and hurt I dealt with, with my ex. He means everything to me. Also I dont hate my ex for what he did to me, I forgave him, I had to forgive in order to move on with my life but I am actually grateful for what I been through cuz now I know what it feels like to have such a wonderful man. This man changed my life so much. Anyone know how I feel, married woman in this relationship, feel free to give advice.
AngelicItalian AngelicItalian
22-25, F
Sep 25, 2012