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The Girl In Need Of Love.

Okay I'm not desperate or something. But I usually feel lonely. And I feel that whoever used to be my friend, or something, or the guys who had proposed me earlier, but I rejected them, started having a different attitude towards me. I concentrate on studies and all, but we all always need a perfect life and we crave for more ways to make it perfect. Example-Me.
I just started writing such blogs thinking that I could actually write down my feelings here , just like Jenna Hamilton does in "Awkward" . I do really feel bad sometimes. When my friends are with their boyfriends holding hands or kissing, while I just stare at space.
I've had previous relationships too. But none of them worked out. Seems like all guys date girls for physical things. And I really don't like it physical. And I want space too. I know "space" sounds to overly dramatic, but we always need time of our own. Where our boyfriends aren't full time behind us or checking on us? It gets annoying then.
All my friends are fake too. I have to live with such people where I'm so lonely, and my soul is screaming for freedom or company.
Thanks for reading my blog too. This is the story of my life, complete lonliness and yeah.
ThatGirl290399 ThatGirl290399 13-15, F 34 Responses Nov 1, 2012

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i need of love huh.. well that make's two of us... the name is luvless and there is a reason for that. relationship's are complicated but i hate being alone so i will risk my affection's a time or two. i think we are all a little selfish but it is a necessary thing to be that way. where are not robot's therefore are need's will be different from one person to the next. being alone usually mean's you are living vicariously through other people. that's the way i feel about it. so here's this i may be a better friend than lover so if you ever wished to unload on anybody i'll be here. anyway here's where i am a little selfish. i'm gonna go look for my future misses ex.

And you know the world and the internet is full of perverts and fake people,so stay really careful and consider a person 10 times before trusting.Trust your instincts.
Just don't go for any guy saying "I have the same life. Looking for a girl who I can trust"
That's just **** you see. Trust your gut and stay really careful.
Good luck and you can always email me at if you need any help.

Well,actually,you are right about guys wanting only physical.
I am a guy myself but I am beyond physical.
So the point is, You need to find friends who are not into this.
You can always make random friends on the internet just like me.
Not that I don't have friends in the physical but we have a lot of problems with them.
You can join any online forum or a chat room and start making new friends.
In my case,I have a lot of good friends who I can trust now,just because of the internet.
Because internet doesn't have faces and other physical thing.
If you want to talk to me,you can meet me at
I have a lot of friends there who I talk with. You can join us if you wish.
And you need to make true friends,search for them.
There are a very few people who can be trusted and are really good friends.
Be that kind of a person and you will attract more.
Thanks for readin

P.S. this would really help you


--> "here" below label "unshackled"
--> "listen online" at the top
choose what year
choose which true story

Your young. get through school which is important. You'll find the right person one day.

It is too bad that you feel as you do. You say what you don't want, but what is it that you want? It seems as tho you are expecting a lot from people and sort of expecting them to read your mind, and that is not fair to them or to you. Each of us is a composite of both good and bad which is what makes us human. Perhaps you are expecting a little too much from people as well as from yourself. People are just people not much different from you. Try not to be so hard on them and on yourself. Life is short...we don't know how much time we have here...try to enjoy it will you still can......

I want you to know that you're not alone in how you feel. And reading this I can better understand an important someone in my life. And because you opened yourself up, maybe I can fix the lovie may have lost

I AM YOU right now-excluding the fact that i actually have neva gone out with any one, at least you have(lucky) and i am crushhhhhhhhhhing on this guy in my class.........

Loneliness is so incredibly hard, ive dealt with it and live with it every single day but continue to fight the hard fight! :)

it is the worst feeling...of missing someone......of missing the memories you have shared for feels like you are dieng every second....but still you are alive in this zombieland

Not every guy wants to own you there are thousands of guys who don't want to own you. Go find one don't miss out on the other things available in relationships. Jelous relationships never work

I am a man ready to comfort a woman and make her my partner. Just need to earn someone's trust though its difficult because I'm a terrible speaker. But my actions would speak louder than words. :)

Exact same position. Im the awkward girl in the corner. I stick to forums and online for companionship. since all my "friends" dont talk to me at all. Graduated highschool 2 years ago, and got even more lonely. sweetie, it will pass. People just do their own thing, you will find a friend, somthing to do. anything :}

I felt the same way... Until YouTube.

hy cutie pie...
you are very new in the game of bloody heart....
keep your aims highs you wil get your perfect match...might be waitng for you too eagerly..

do not feel low,,...lets just grow on the grounds of pains,,,,lets it be your nourishment tonic..
take care

i know how you feel. i didn't really have friends or anything until I got to college. just hang in there and if you can't have a good time, try spending quality time with a family member. you might be surprised about how much a brother, sister, cousin, or parent can relate to situations like that.

Don't worry about it; you are so young and have lots of time to find the right guy. Being alone might be a blessing in disguise; you don't know

I kno tht feeling ..


You are still young~
You should open your heart and learn how to accept others.
Some scums are always there, but not every time you meet.
I meet my husand on He is older 23 than me.
My parents and my friends, who initially found it difficult to accept my choice, now support me because I am doing what makes me happy.
Wish you have a sunny life~

I feel like you too.
I am a bit older and don't have any friends either . And that makes the situation worst: having No friends and no partner.

I feel the same about the space I need, I trust that space because it helps me to be patient and it let me concetrate on what is the kind of person I need.. also if waiting could be a sacrifice.

listen to the song wheels by foo fighters

listen to the song wheels by foo fighters

And your not the only one I feel the same way but I'm a different gender

For one how old are you and theres people that don't do that stuff like me

You are still very young. There will be plenty of time for relationships. I'd say wait until guys mature anyway. And that isnt til they are MUCH older, if at all. It is natural for you to envy those in relationships and wish you had someone there to hold your hand and say they "love you" too. But im telling you girl, it sucks waiting, but if you wait, the day will come when a guy is taken away by you and wants to give you the world and hold your hand. Im in a relationship now, and i hate it. i feel like im stuck. those girls you see, they will have broken hearts eventually. at your age, date to have fun and experience people. dont date to look for a life partner because id guess that 97% of the time, such young relationships dont work out. maybe 99%. Im sure you are beautiful in your own way, and one day, some guy will see that. Patience is a virtue. Take care.

Thankyouu. You are true in your words.

“A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.” by William Shakespeare
but know a days many friends are not like that; one who accepts your growth is true friend and that friend could be your best partner in life
so its not your problem its problem of the one who sees you.
i hope you understand what does it mean.

Hang in there. It looks like you're already putting your thoughts into something positive - by writing them out on here. How honest and genuine they are, that's the best thing you can do for yourself. The best thing when it comes to finding a boyfriend, is developing good friendship first and then let things happen naturally. You seem mature and wise, so I'm sure you will know when you meet a guy who actually cares about you as a person, not just for what he can get from you. I wish you the best of luck and keep writing.

Thankyouuu! Your really true too.

Anytime! Stay positive.

I respect your feelings. I know it gets frustrating watching others enjoy, but I also agree that freedom and space is essential in a relation. Believe in yourself and believe in love. It will come to you, is all I can say!!! Communication is very important in a relationship too... The better you communicate your part in a relaton when you have one, you will feel that problems don't arise. I too dream of having a life to take care and pamper my partner, giving her surprises as well as space and freedom. So, I know you will get what you want too. Just try to take life as it comes to you. A step at a time. Stay happy and enjoy the small things in life....Take care

yeah!!! like you said ,e crave a lot in our life!!!!we are never satisfied!!!yu said yu do concentrate in studies and when it come up to things we see in our frinends walking i hand with their bfs...we want to feel it too!!like you said you had relationships earlier and due to different attitude,it din't turn out!!!yeah!!!this thing really pi** of our life though!!!well good luck friend!!