Romance. Relationships And How They Work… Metaphorically Speaking. Part 3

Romance. Relationships and how they work… Metaphorically speaking. Part 3

The fist thing is to understand girl and boys, how they grow up and what happens to them. When they are young, they are innocent. Most of the stuff they see is centered around mom and dad… there safety zone. And, the outside world is to be explored as long as they are near. So a 3 year old will venture out to explore there surroundings to understand the world around them as long as mom and dad are around. IF no mom.. dad does it. If no dad, mom does it. But the boy or girl will explore there outside world… checking everything out…who comes into the house and what is outside of the house.

The interesting things they will see is that they are not the only children in the universe. There are more. They will soon find out that they are many moms and dads and kids and they are only one of many. They might have sister and brothers… which was always there but, more? It needs to be explored.

I am a girl or a boy. Why? What makes me that? They will look for key differences which are relative to their age, like how long their hair is and what color and style clothes. These are important and define you. The sexual areas are of interest, but in the interest of the post we will just put them down as girl and boy seeking. Soon, they will find out who and what they are.

So, these little toddlers will play with each other as friends… while they wonder why they are different…watching their older counterparts and seeking to be like them in anyway… for they will seek out them an there will become a given. The older you are, the better. It’s because that they are under pressure to grow up… and they will take that seriously.

Soon something will happen. They will find that there sexual differences are very important. To be a boy you must act like one…and to be a girl you must act like them? Why? Maybe from them watching older people or older siblings. Maybe society in general. In any case, sexual difference will become apparent. And, holding on to them is important.

And this starts the process. The process of differences that have an effect on relationships. No longer are you just kids in one group. Now you are kids in two groups.

Girls and boys.

And now, definitions in behavior start. What it is to be male and female. And something that is now a taboo. A separation that will ever define male and female. For good or bad.

As a whole this starts.

If you are girl… you are thrown in the girl area… and only girls play with boys…and the boys, do the same. Associating with girls marks you… “a sissy” so stay away. Just a few years ago, they were your playmates and now they are completely off limits.

If you are lucky… at night, you still get someone who asks for you to play a game of tag, hid and seek, or “kick the can.” This means you still have contact. But, does that really happen for all of us?

Middle school. Boys and girls are under hormonal influences and their understanding of the opposite sex changes. Now, sex is in play…and what ever they have had a chance to gain in understanding the opposite sex is now in play. This is where girls begin in a guys eye to be something as something to be sought after… like, if a better description…a thing. Why?

Why have they become that way? The only thing I can see is a lack of understanding. A lack of interaction with the opposite sex…to a point that sex becomes an object?

How can someone see the opposite sex that way? But it does happen. Those that see this in there own upbringing feed on the sexuality and convince others that this might be true…destroying any substantial interactions of years gone by to be replaced by an idea of the complete opposite.

Girls are just there for your own sexuality.

If that is true… we have a problem. We can not communicate any more. We see each other as two different areas… no longer understanding out similarities. Why does this happen?

It has to be more than simple sexuality… and more into upbringing.

And, now we get to the metaphor I was talking about. The metaphor that explains what we do.

Sparrowhawk1161 Sparrowhawk1161
Nov 4, 2012