Im In A Relationship But I'm Starting To Like Someone Else More Than My Bf.

Where I live, we have security. There is one security guard who is nice to everyone. He smiles and waves. He started working at my apartment complex 6 months ago. He started flirting with me and looking at me. Now we are talking at the window. He knows that I'm shy because I show it alot. Every time we are at the window we just stop talking and gaze at each other, we lock eyes, and it feels like we want to get to know each other. We mirror each other, smile and sometimes we stare at each other so long that I have to look away, but then I continue to look at him and he at me. He loves the food I bring him and sometimes he says he's not able to go out and get food and I feel so bad for him. Sometimes when he looks at me, he shows a sad face. I feel sad sometimes. He is really a caring person, and I know he is interested in me and I in him. He did tell me that he has a fiance and a baby. Im really not sure but I believe him anyway. I also have a bf, but the more I get to know him, the more I move farther away from my bf. Should we still talk? Is he interested in me? I can't stop thinking about him. I don't look at my bf the way I look at him. I wonder if it's the same for him. I feel like kissing him all the time and caressing his face. He smiles alot when I'm around and its like he knows what I'm thinking. When I don't see him I think of him and worry about him. He wants to keep my attention no matter what. I want to be friends with him and maybe more. Sometimes I think we both moved alittle too fast and didn't wait. How we met just happened. I live where he works and he's always at the booth. I wouldn't mind if we were just friends I would still like him and think of him. These feelings won't leave and I don't know why. Im wondering if he feels the same way.
shondradee28 shondradee28
Dec 15, 2012