Breakup With Boy Or Not

I have a boyfriend of a few monthes now and im 15. We havent had sex or anything but he wanted to go down on him. I really didnt want to and i had told him times before, this time he insisted though. He tried to push my head down and stuff, but i wouldnt i only teased. Everytime i stopped he would try and get me to go again by fingering me and it really hurt though as he was going in dry, i told him to stop many times and the only way he would was if i went down again, this kept happening and it kept hurting till the point i tried to get up and run from him cause he wouldnt listen and he pulled me back down.. It only stopped because my dad came to pick me up.. He really scared me, cause he did not know when to listen or stop. Im not sure if i really want to be with him, a guy like that, is it over exaggerrating? He does treat me wellish, but i need to be told teenage years are better without a bf, anyone can back that up? Somebody please comment, i need advice, and soon, i cant sleep whatso eveer
Anonmaryjone Anonmaryjone
13-15, F
Jan 9, 2013