Miracles Happen

I never thought much about miracles and if I did they were in the context of a "healing" or "life revivied."   As with so many other perhaps extra ordinary experiences that happen to someone else or somewhere else that are given a few minutes of airtime on the news--I'll believe it when I see it seems the most popular refrain.  I was no different--I never saw a miracle (actually i am not sure what one even looks like), I never even knew someone that knew someone who either saw miracle or experienced one.  I never looked down at a piece of toast and saw Jesus looking back at me.  My father said once that it would be a miracle if i ever amounted to something in live--I guess he is still waiting on that one.

Within the last month without even looking for one or asking for one--I experienced one--an actual miracle.  It hasn't made me weathly or resulted in any other material form; none-the-less it is still a miracle--of the heart.

I have been a member of EP for awhile, but frankly was very bored with it and decided time to leave and find something else or nothing at all.  That last night as I was just browsing, finding no one that interested me, I was about to go to the settings page and delete my account.  I remember this part very clearly...as I was moving the mouse around up towards the top tool bar, my left eye caught a glimpse of a face and a question which I found a bit silly.  I noticed that there a number of responses to this question so I became curious who were these people that would take the time to answer just a question.  The closer I looked I noticed that this question was only one of a series of question posed by the same person and all had about the same amount of responses.

I clicked on one of those questions and read a whole list of maybe 18 replies.  Then I clicked on a few more questions and then a few more (there were many).  So needless to say i didn't delete my account that night.  A couple of nights later I found myself on the EP site and on the exact page that opened up was this mysterious question person with a page long of questions that all seemed a little silly, but just like the previous time each questions had man, many replies.  Maybe they all knew something I did not.

I read on with pure fascination...question after question reply after reply and I began to understand a little of the person with all the questions--some even though just a few words in length were really profound even if the replies were not.  Then I noticed the retorts..even more witty and insightful--I was begining to put together a picture of this person in my mind.  The next night I started to reply to some of the questions, and one such question seemed to create a dialouge between two strangers that went on night after night.  You may quess who we are or maybe not--that's not important who we are.  What's important is that only a miracle could have stopped me from deleting my account that night and introduced me to the most intoxicating person perhaps that I have ever met.  Miracles happen.
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 9, 2013