Dazed And Confused

I recently discovered that the love of my life has been cheating on me with someone at her work, I noticed strange behaviour when on her iPhone and decided to have a look one morning while she was getting ready for work. I discovered she had been texting this person telling him how much she was looking forward to spending time with him at the Xmas party that weekend, I scrolled up to discover they had been trading half naked pictures of each other. I was so shocked and upset I started shaking and confronted her before reading more... She was speechless and I walked out. By the time we were both home from work she had deleted all messages and its the not knowing that really kills me...she told me it was just flirting and nothing else and that she was so sorry, I was obviously crushed and felt totally numb and didn't really know how to react. She told me she loved me and only wanted me and insisted it would stop I immediately. She went to her Xmas party and it crushed me again to think of her there with him, two nights later she went to her friends birthday and had to be brought home by a mate totally trashed, I was livid at the disrespect she was showing me but after 6.5 amazing years I could not imagine a life with out her, in fact I was planning on proposing this New Year's Eve. I had to know more and read some more text messages between her and her best mate and discovered that there was more to it than just text messages, they had supposedly met for "coffee" twice while I was away or working and I found out she had kissed him..she had had been to his house and lied about it to me at the time, i asked her to leave unable to trust a word she said, she was hysterical and begged me to forgive her, or at least try to sort things out. The hardest part is believing that nothing else happened that I don know about but she swears I now know everything. I still can't believe she has ruined everything we had together I confronted the guy and he promised to never contact her again, trouble is they work together so that's impossible. We have had many ups and downs since then (about a month ago) but we have so much good history behind us I'm willing to try and give it a go, it's the uncertainty of what went on that's still eating away at me and I'm not sure if that will ever change, the other issue is that they work together, I have told her if we are to have any chance of moving on together she has to find a new job, she's reluctant and thinks I just need time. I don't think any time will help me if I know she is still in the same building as him every day of the week... I'm just so lost as to how to move on and don't want to stay in a relationship full of resent and suspicion, any advice would be most welcome.
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Tell her your relationship means more than her job u did nothing wrong yet your the one suffering,the job ends now or surely she can arrange a transfer or you will torture yourself daily for her wrong doing,good luck