People Change So Quick..

So I've been talking to this guy as just friends but honestly I've gotten to know more of him and he has such an amazing personality and i didn't think i would feel something for him but I do.. I didn't expect this but it just happened. he is such an amazing listener and makes you see things in a different perspective. I can be myself which I usually am in most cases but with him he makes me feel comfortable in my own skin. Not many people have the power of doing that. We happened in an awkward situation. I followed him on instagram and then we started to via chat . I haven't physically met him. But he just takes my breath away. If I could meet him i'll just thank him so much for standing by me and listening to my misery in which he didn't have to but he did. The other day I felt like it would be reasonable to Skype... I mean we have been talking for a while I just wanted to see him. And he was okay with it but then after that he just blew me off. Since then he has been ignoring me and I don't get why. I didn't do anything wrong.. did I ? Maybe he see's that I'm falling for him and feels awkward. I don't really know what to think or what to say so I'm just spilling random thoughts. You really can't control who you fall for even if they're miles apart from you. I tried but the more I did the more I fell. I just miss him. I hope my feelings didn't scare him away. I probably sound crazy but its just how im feeling. The worst part is he ignores my texts but liked a picture of mine on instagram recently which is weird.. I don't know why i would even continue to talk to him when i really like him but it's not like we'd be together. Also I tend to put myself in situations like this where I get hurt and I have the power to stop it all but I continue. Who know's what will happen now im just going to let him figure it out and give him his space... clearly it seems like that's what he wants.
arbnoraa arbnoraa
Jan 21, 2013