Of all the things he and I have been through, the countless times we broke up and always found ourselves wanting more. Most people said we we crazy; and may be we are but 8 years later I still haven't found some one like him who understands me. Some one who accepts me for whoever I decide to be.
We've never been stronger then right now. In this very moment when I am with him I feel again, the way I did when we first met. There is nothing we can't over come... Or at least I thought.
10:00 pm his last break of the day, he texts me obviously sensing something is wrong. I have the night off and have texted barely two words to him. It comes out after coaxing me a little. I tell him I did some research on my two possible career choices. Hotel Manager vs Rehabilitation Assistant. I could either leave my hometown or stay here... I want to leave... I ask him to come. He's silent.. Do I question... May be he's gone back to work... Finially a vibrate I check...he's replied "I don't know Babe.."
I don't know.. The words cut through me like fire. I choke back tears. No.. I couldn't expect him to uproot himself for me, but does he expect me to stay in a city that makes me so unhappy. 10:30; I reply with a simple "Oh.." the dots say it all. I waited on purpose... Fear of the answer he will reply with.
After the cheating, the other relationships, the fighting and yelling... The smoke cleared and we decided we were fighting for each other all along. A year later I have never been happier but I am afraid that may be.. We should have walked away that night we said goodbye. For what I felt was the very last time..
Jynxiexo Jynxiexo
22-25, F
Jan 23, 2013