what would happen?

i dont know what would happen if i were to be taken to heaven. i would be eternally grateful to god himself, and be at his feet for the remainder of time. even though time doesnt exist after life, i would be his for all of time here on earth.

i love god, i love jesus. i take them into my heart and hold them there. after all, he loves me and i love him. i will forever. so here i am, to spread the word of jesus.

love him and you shall be loved yourself. love and protection is what you shall get from him. he loves you more than anything else on earth. he sacrificed himself for us so that we may bask in his glory, so i tell you. get on your knees and pray to god, pray for his love. he will be there for you all even after death. he will take you into his bosom and cherish you for the remainder of your life.
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1 Response May 7, 2012

Dear Friend, thanks for your comment, it is really good; however, I am sorry for the sleeping student who misquoted me. The definition I gave is: Pugartory is the state and place in which the souls of the just, who have died in venial sin and/ or with the debt of temporal punishment for grave sins remitted, are subjected to purifying suffering until, having paid their debt, they are worthy of paradise. Thak you: I am Fr. Dr. John Baptist Ssonko