Correction By Fr. Dr John Baptist Ssonko - Purgatory Story

Dear friends, I am Fr. Dr. John Baptist Ssonko who was misquoted by a student. Sorry for the sleeping student who misquoted me!
I would like to correct and inform you all that the definition which I gave for pugaritory is: Purgatory: Purification after death. I elaborated it saying: One may define purgatory as the state and place in which the souls of the just, who have died in venial sins and/or with the debt of temporal punishment for grave sins remitted are subjected to purifying suffering until, having paid their debt, they are worthy of paradise.
Dear student, I am sorry that you missed the point. To you all my friends who commented, sorry that you were disturbed by the story teller.
May God bless us all!
Rev. Fr. Dr. John Baptist Ssonko - Who was misquoted.
May 25, 2012