A Muslim Who Loves Christians .. How Absurd!!

Yes I'm a Muslim and Yes I love Christians and Jews.. In fact my love knows no boundaries, as i have love for one and all.. Am i compromising my belief in Islam and in the message of the Quran!? Absolutely not.

Why hate someone for what they believe in? I trust God more than anyone or anything created. God is supreme in might and power and 'HIS' ways are ways of wisdom. So I trust God's plan for his creation.

Love and Peace to you all . x

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5 Responses Sep 17, 2012

im muslim too . our religion is the solution to be a good person ana make us love the other religions , we need just a peace .

This is how it should be,religion should promote love and not hatred ,sadly it is not so and it is wonderful to know someone who has got it right.Bless you and take care.

lol I didn't get what you meant by how absurd :D .
good post , agree
thank you !!!

If all religious people were like you, the world would be a nicer place.

Lol, you put an even bigger smile on my face than what I already had naturally :)

I'm a Muslim and can't agree more.

Your faith weak

Can u explain why ?