The Night I Died

First off. I am spiritual. not religious.
I like to call him the Big Man while looking up. Like the Gambling gun fighter in the old Rick O'Shie's Sunday comic.
I give you my testimony.
On a hot Desert night in July of 1987. I was restless. Stood up by my gal. I took a stroll at around 1am.
This wild eyed dude pulled over got out and started questioning me. When he did not like my answers he tried to punch me. I round kicked him to push him back. And ran.he jumped in his car sped off. I just kept running.
4 blocks from home he came back at me jumping from his car. Holding some thing to his side. I herd his keys. thought it was a chain. Used the wrong block & got a broken right wrist. I'm looking at it when he clocked me up side the head with that steel pipe. Down I go.
It is 1;20am and miles away at Sommer Haven Missionary train center. A little old lady 62 years old. The Reverent Angus Nummer. Jumps from her bed calling every one present. close to 100 people to emergency intercessory prayer in front of the main house. The Prayer was given with her naming me specifically. that it was for my life.
Back where I was on the ground counting the blows to my head & sholders. At 30 I felt my skull give way the world was fading.All I could do was say her I come Jesus. As his feet left the ground buy 6 inches at blow 35.
I hear a word like thunder: "NO!!!!". I am lifted to stand before my attacker. He is so rattled he drops the pipe.bending to pick it up exposing his throat to my teeth.
I decide that he is not worth it. the thundering voice then says: " I AM NOT THROUGH WITH YOU YET!!!!"
I turned and out ran him for the next 4 blocks. hearing the whoosh f that pipe missing me every time.
Later at the Hospital the Doctor told me I had a broken wrist and needed 4 stitches to my head. I asked him what about the fractures to my skull?
Son he told me the next time some one clubs your noggin. Keep you hands down. Wrist & arms break. Nothings going to crack that thick skull of yours.
Ha I think. That's what you think.
It's been 25 yeas and he is not through with me yet. Evey morning I awaken. I know I am on the Wining side.
His forge was exstreamly hot in my case. There have been times I felt I could not bear it. Some how I managed to pull it back together.
Vikingleg Vikingleg
51-55, M
Sep 24, 2012