How Can I Stand Up For My Christian Beliefs?

About eight years ago I made the decision to convert to Protestant. My Jewish mother has never really accepted my decision, and it's sort of an unwritten taboo for me to bring up my faith at family gatherings. My Jewish relatives enjoy celebrating their holidays, but in a secular way (it has nothing to do with scriptures, and everything to do with food and closeness and fond memories). Some are in interfaith marriages, and their Christian spouses are non-practicing and they are happy to be involved in the Jewish holidays. My problem: I am fed up with the one holiday gathering that my mother bullies me into attending every year. We spend over an hour taking turns reading from Exodus, which would be lovely except that I'm the only one who believes in the passages! The others are very distracted and jokey to the point of being disrespectful, in my opinion. I've asked whether we couldn't be a little more reverent, and they respond that they don't want to have a dreary time, and this is how they do things. I am tired of them disrespecting the Bible and reading things that they don't even believe. But if I try to opt out, my mother would make me into a heretic and guilt-trip me into a nervous breakdown. Any advice on how to excuse myself from this annual gathering? My husband will respect my decision either way. Please, no rude responses from atheists about my 'delusions', and I cannot be swayed into changing my mind and putting up with this nonsense for another year, especially as it's out of town so I couldn't stay briefly and then leave, so please don't try. What I need is sound advice about saying no to the Seder, and any tips on dealing with my mother's control/manipulation dynamic with a forty-year-old daughter. Thank you...
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Adstars, thank you for such a nice and supportive response. It's true; I need to take a stand and not allow the frustration to get the better of me. Following Jesus can mean facing some obstacles and pressure, but I do not for a minute regret believing in Him. I know many others feel the same way and that they would hope I can get strength from God. And now, I don't feel as upset anymore. Thank you, and God bless!

Hello Pennypay2

So wonderful to see you came to believe Jesus and trust in His Atonement. I wish i could offer you some technique or plan to overcome your mothers manipulation but i can only think that what is needed is a change within you, to liberate you from what seems to be a psychological prison you seem to be in.

When it comes to God sometimes we need to just put our foot down and just do what we have to do. You just got to make a stand and take whatever repercussions come.

I would advise you to seek help for God to give you courage to make a stand for your faith and the strength to take what ever comes as a result of making that stand.

I am sure your brothers and sisters in Jesus here on EP who read your post will be asking God to assist you with these things. I hope that if there is more advice for you that God will inspire someone to share it with you.

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