The Question

why is it that not one single:
god, messiah, deity, ghost, ghoul, vampire, zombie, which, wizzard, future-predictor ,soothsayer, etc, etc, etc, ever, EVER Ever shown up as true.
--- NOT one, ever in all of time. Nothing. Zero. Ziltch.

Religion is entirely in the mind of the sucker who believes in all this. Each sucker seems to make it up in their own way to suit themselves. it is truly appalling to see that it is still going on.

I can quite understand how existing religions are used for gain, making money, (lots of money) justifying wars, murder, all that sort of thing humans do to each other. any old thing will do for that. But to do it to YOURSELF?

Why do people abandon their ability to reason and follow this belief rubbish?

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Jan 13, 2013