If someone is Kind Loving Caring Compassionate and Truthful, but not religious, why do fundamental religionists call these dear people 'sinners'?. Why do they believe these lovely souls will not get into heaven?. My wonderful late aunt was the kindest most loving and caring and non judgemental person l have ever known, she did her utmost to help anyone in need 'without judgement', she helped many people physically and by her non judgemental kind aura. Being in her presence was a 'healing experience to the soul in itself'. She had once 'died but came back as l once did '. Yet she did not preach religion. Yet l have yet to meet any religionist to compare with her. So many just want to  'push their own religious faith's onto others under the assumption of doing good by it'. When in reality it is 'Actions of continued care and kindness to every living thing with loving intent',  that really talks and changes lives for the good of the soul, now and when we shed our physical heavy mortal bodies. l feel allowing others to walk their own path's of life in order to learn this truth is the kindest thing we can do for them, with limits of course in as much as they do not harm others in the process. Love and Light. This is the lesson l have learned though living my life experiences. Copyright @ M.Sands.
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Dec 6, 2012