My Grandma

I strongly believe that my Grandmother is psychic and so does she. But the rest of my family just thinks that she's insane. One of my most favorite stories that she had ever told me was one time when she was growing up, She stayed in an BIG, OLD, house in Brazil with her cousins. Her favorite cousin and her used to fill up rubber gloves with sand and hide in the bushes next to her house. There was an old movie theater around the corner, and late at night when teens would come out of scary movies, they would throw the rubber gloves at them and they would scream. But one night her cousin's brother was out late with a bunch of friends and rang the doorbell. She ran down the long spiral staircase to open the door for her cousin when she saw two figures in the doorway. It was a woman and her daughter about 9 years old. They were holding hands and had briefcases in the other. They seemed to be transparent in a way and their clothes were strange. They were wearing old, long, farmer dresses, looking like they were from the early, early, 1900's. They were even wearing bonnets, covering their pulled up hair. This is what both of us find strange, Why were these "ghosts" wearing American clothes in Brazil? But they soon disappeared after about 15 seconds. My grandmother opened the door and nobody was in sight.


 I Have many, many more stories just like this one. Even I sometimes see things that aren't seen by others, and my grandma thinks that it is my time to realize that i may be a psychic just like her. But I have never seen anything this intense. I needed to share this with someone or I would soon explode.

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That's a really cool story!