When I Forgave Him, I Was Able to Let Go of the Pain, For Both of Our Sakes

when we were little girls two of my sister's and I were sexually abused by two of our uncles and first step dad, my mother was a very trusting and kind woman, she still is till this day, she is the most caring, loving and heartfelt person I have ever met, I remember when I was four or five years old, my mother went out for some errands, and left her most precious diamonds (her children) with one of her younger brothers.

my siblings and I were watching cartoons in the living room, well the thing was, not soon was my mother out the door, when my uncle took me by the hand and into the bathroom, he sat me on the toilet seat, I didn't think anything by it because he was stroking my hair, but then things got wierd, he started to unzipped his pants and exposes sing himself, wanted me to touch him there, I started to cry, then not long after that we herd the front door to the kitchen open and my mother's voice, she sounded far away, I guess she was talking to my sister's, and not long after we herd these  desperate banging on the bathroom door.

my uncle had sipped himself back-up, and Quickly oped the door, my mom rushed in and saw me crying, but my uncle told her he was just helping me into the toilet, I guess my mother didn't believe him, he ran pass her and my mom just locked the door behind him, she propped me on top of the toilet seat and pull-up my little dress even took my panties down and checked me there, once she was sure that I was not hurt, she just hugged me so tight I could tell she was crying.

never again did she leave us girls with him, she never knew until we became adults, that our first step dad also abused my older sister, and one of his brother my youngest, my mother was a working woman, worked hard to take care of us, sad that every male Including her own brothers, were untruest-worthy, when I became an adult, my uncle got sick with the Aids virus, by this time he was in the hospital he was close to death mostly sedated, my mom still love her family, she was staying in the hospital taking care of him, I didn't want for her to be alone, so I stayed with her to help care for him.

one morning she went to the cafeteria to get something to eat and I stayed with my uncle, at times I didn't want to look at him, for even then he scared me, but that day was deferent, I sat next to him, even tho he was on heavy meads, I knew he could hear when we talked to him, because his eyes were always open, I held his hand and looked him in the eyes and softly told him that I forgive him, he looked back at me with what I call a thank you, and right there and then I let go my shame and pain for both of our sakes, two days later he passed away.

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That was a really moving story.<br />
You're one solid woman!

What a powerful story! It takes a strong woman to forgive such a thing. You sound like an amazing person. I am glad you were able to open your heart to forgive him before he died. Not many people could or would do that.

Glad you are okay. That is a big thing to forgive. You seem like a very nice person.