I Was Young

I was 11 the first time. It was my mom's boyfriend. She worked nights and he was home to babysit me. When I was about 10 1/2 he started washing me in the bathtub...since I'm not circumcised he always claimed he had to make sure I was clean underneath my foreskin so I didn't get infected. He made sure I always got hard when he did it. Then he'd start showering with me instead of giving me a bath "to save water." In a couple weeks I was sucking him. Then just after I turned 11 he came into my bedroom and had me lay on the edge of the bed. He put some vaseline on his finger and pushed it in me. When he was ready he put his **** in me. It hurt like hell, I cried and started to yell...that was the first time he hit me...he told me that was how guys did it and I should take it like a man. When he was done he cleaned me up and I went to bed. I still hurt the next morning. He did it again a few days later and it didn't hurt as much. After that he did it at least twice a week until he moved out when I was 13. It started to feel good and sometimes I would *** just from him doing me. Thats when I figured out I was gay I guess.
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nice story anal sex is always enjoyable

I will be gentle with you baby so I won't hurt you. If you want you can be my first also as long as you *** in me. So sorry you were forced to have it happen.