Made To Mind At 11

I was soooooooooo spoiled growing up. I was my Mommy's only child and she adored me. She wasn't nearly as strict as other African-American mothers. My father on the other hand went to prison before I was born and did ten long years on drug trafficking charges. When he was realized and had reeastablished himself in the regular world, he asked Mommy is if I could come and live with him,because he's only seen me a few times in my life and he wanted to make up some lost time. She worked 12 hour graveyard shifts 6 and sometimes 7 nights a week,so a break sounded nice. I went to live with him the summer I turned 11.
Originally from Far East Russia, my father LOOKED scary. He was six and a half feet tall and had blue and bark hair. I didn't like him right from the get go and he thought I was a brat.All those years in prison had given him muscles like you wouldn't believe though he was skinny as a skeleton. Things went to Hell from Day 1. I decided that I hated him and refused to call him Papa. He was Yulian whether or not he wanted me to call him that.
Yulian lasted all of a week before he decided that something and to give that something was NOT going to be him! He asked me to put down the book I was reading and take the trash cans out to the curb. I didn't respond. I just kept reading like I didn't hear him,so he said it again. I still kept reading.

"Hey you, girl with glasses! Put that damn book down and take the trash bins to the curb." I didn't like the way Yulian spoke to me.

I ignored him and I guess he finally lost his patience. He grabbed my arm and snatched the book out of my hands. "Trash bins. Curb. NOW." He said with his voice all tight.

"No." I said and reached for my book,feeling tears of frustration welling up in my eyes.

"Dry your face. There's nothing wrong with you.YET."

Like I said, he's a big guy, so there was no way I was getting that book back,until he gave it to me. I knew that and I was angry because I couldn't get my way. Before I knew what I was doing I had reached out and shoved him with all the rage I could muster. I must've been mad as Hell,because I managed to knock him off his feet.

Common sense told me that I should run away and I did,but I didn't get very far. Yulian recovered his bearings fast and had grabbed me before I even made it out of the room. When I say grabbed I mean that one second I was on my feet and the next second I was looking down at the floor I had been running on. I wasn't happy about that.

"Put me down!" I demanded and kicked.

I was unprepared for his answer, a sharp slap on my flailing leg.

"Stop it. That hurt!" I whined.

"You haven't felt hurt YET." He muttered.

I wondered what he meant by that when he finally stood me down.

My focus was on rubbing me leg,so I didn't notice when Yulian took off his belt and sat down in an armless chair. I almost let myself be lead across his lap, except I had the good sense to look up and when he caught my arm and pulled on it.

"Leave me alone!" I snatched away or at least tried to.

Yulian kept his grip. I stole a look at his face and saw he was beyond talking to. When I refused to budge I got another burning slap on my thigh and another and another even when I pushed his hand away.

"Ow!Stop it." I whined.

He held out the same hand that had almost lead me across his lap.

"n..." I was about to refuse again,until I saw that same hand draw back to deliver another slap. "Fine." I sighed.

I let myself be pulled between his legs then forced to bend over his muscular thigh. I didn't like the position at all. It felt weird to have my weight pressing down on my belly and the skirt of my sundress all bunched up and I tried to stand back up,but my legs were trapped.

Yulian finally spoke. "You do NOT hit your papa,Embry. "

That statement got punctuated with a sharp slap on my upturned rear end. My instant reaction was to reach back and cover myself, but Yulian pushed my hand away and gave me another slap.

"In case you haven't figured it out yet there are consequences for your actions. You defied, disrespected,and hit me. Your *** is going to pay a high price for all of those things." I was dumbfounded at his handle on English. I'd truly believed him stupid until that moment.

I thought his hand was hurting me, but it was nothing compared to the burn that came with his belt landing across my sorry butt. I screamed and wouldn't shut up. That didn't bother Yulian much, he was determined to teach me a lesson and the licks just kept coming.

By the time he let me stand up I was exhausted from the exertion.

"Get those trash bins out to the curb." Yulian re-issued his earlier order and started to walk off.

I didn't budge right away.My mind only cared about soothing the Hell fires that burned behind me.

"Embry." He said my name. "Look at me."

I looked up at him.

"If you don't want a repeat get those bins out to the curb."

I saw the way his deep blue eyes glared down at me and knew he wielded power over me. What choice did I have except to mind him?

I went off to put the trash outside and made sure in the future that I NEVER struck him again.
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Just for the Hell of it I would've kicked him in the shin!