My Babysitter

 I was old enough to stay home, but not old enough to watch my kid sister and brother.   So my parents got a friend of the family to watch us while they went away for the weekend.  We spent Saturday swimming in the nearby lake.  She looked so good in her two piece suit.  She was about four years older than I and she was developed!

   Anyway,  after the kids went to sleep, she went down stairs to shower.   I snuck downstairs too hopeing to see something.   Well the basement was unfinished and it was a huge one room with a small shower stall in the corner.   The rest of the basement was the washing machine, dryer and a table for clothes.  So I was waiting, with the excuse that I was looking for clothes if asked.  I heard the shower stop and I held my breath, with a pounding chest.   The door opened and she walked out naked with a towel over her head.  She was wrapping her hair up and didn't see me.  I just stared at her and didnt say anything.  Then she saw me and screamed.   It was hot.  She jumped and her whole body jiggled.  I still remember it.   

  She grabbed her towel and pulled it over her front.   I said I was looking for clothes, and I pulled out some underwear and a shirt.  She just looked terrified.    She walked by me and got her stuff and quickly dressed under her towel.    She begged me not to tell my parents.

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lucky guy!

The next time she baby sat, I went out with my friends. She watched my little brother and sister. When I got home she was sleeping on the couch with the kids in bed. I went to my room and ******** naked. I turned on the tv in my room, knowing she would hear it and come and check out the noise. I was hard from the excitment of being caught naked.<br />
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Sure enough, I heard her footsteps coming. I stood on the opposide side of the room so she wouldn't see me until she was in the room, and I could pretend not to have seen her untill then also.<br />
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Sure enough, she came in looked and saw the tv on and came in to turn it off when we both saw each other for the "first" time. She jumped, and I pretended to be suprised. My **** bounced up and down as I jumped. She said she thought my brother must have turned on the tv and she came to check, and then yelled at me for scaring her. Keep in mind, she didn't comment on me being naked, nor did she leave the room. She just stood there looking. She said to warn her next time. I was shaking from excitment and I stuttered, "yes." She turned and left the room. I jerked off and dressed.

Good plan and well executed.

I would have immediately got on the phone and called your parents telling them what you had done.<br />
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What a little brat!

She was 19. I think she thought she would get in trouble for being naked in front of me.