DJ Saved My Life.

One night a famous DJ came in.  We were dancing two sets meaning two songs on stage. Usually about 12-15 minutes on stage.  I’m really picky about my music. Dancers of course tip the DJ at the end of the night. The stage was packed. The DJ said I’m going to play you some old school techno.  I was so excited. The club doesn’t allow techno.  We both agreed on the first song he said he was going to pick the second. I went on stage. I was so into the music I didn’t grab my tips. I loved the last song!  It really expresses most of the stuff in my life. The first few lines really hits home. Sometimes it’s so hard to listen to it because I would really like to found someone who can accept my past.

If I play this for my next partner he'll probably think I'm a weirdo because I definitely will play it to death while giving him a lap dance.

AkA007 AkA007
26-30, F
1 Response Mar 14, 2009

Find someone who can find you in your moments of lostness, searching, magic, adventure, aloneness, imagination, longing, and what you have to give... the complete package that makes you unique. What more could he want?