She Was a Very Big Girl

Like most teenage boys, all I could think about was getting my end away for the first time. Didn`t matter what shape, size, if they were pretty, or even pig ugly for that fact. I just wanted to get to this milestone as quickly as possible.

I do remember the lady who I lost my virginity to had a pretty face, but she was also very, very large. In fact she was almost perfectly round.

We met one night when we went to see a band perform with different friends. She just came right up to me and told me she thought I was cute, and had her tongue in my mouth before we even exchanged names.

She was a few years older than me and holidaying from interstate. So after the show she took me back to her motel room. She had me ***** off and lay naked on the bed whilst she freshened up.

I remember laying there, my excited erect member aiming skywards, thinking ``This is it``. Then a huge naked, mountain of flesh made its way towards me. She placed my boy bits in her mouth for a short time, before guiding me inside. About 4 seconds later - It was all over.

Like for most people, my first time was a hollow, unsatisfactory event, but one that I was glad to have out of the way.

I ended up spending the week with this girl, and we kept on trying to get it right. 8 times in one night! I wish I could manage that these days.

As the years moved on I got lots of practice, got better, and had a lot of fun with some very nice ladies. I also got a lot fussier.

musicmad musicmad
41-45, M
Mar 14, 2009