My Father Had Screwed My Wife

i and my wife had happy sexual life for 5-year'a my wife used to please me for sex i used to restrict her will as i got busy with job as my mom has died 2 year's back my is very nice looking personality as pemala andruson..etc my wife is white in colour with nice shaped curves size of 44dd normal that much size boob's every one like to suck boob's milk as she do exercise daily they look much effective as i told u my mom died my father age of 61 came to live with us we are Indian my wife used to wear transparent saree's even though she wear sarees and blouse's her big boob's which are hardly stuck to her blouse are visible to others and when my wife go beside my father with bouncing boob's his thing used to get hard i recognized it every day i and my father used to sit on the floor and used to have lunch even though we have good dining table usually my father used to see cleavage of big boob's of my wife which are behind big blouse when she bend's to offer the i item's to eat for lunch one day as usual my wife bringing water to me while i and my father having lunch on the floor at a sudden my wife slipped and fell on my father her boob's on my father and his thing under her saree he lifted her during lifting her i saw he pressing my wife boob's she ignored it after few day's father got ill as he used to live upstairs one day my father request me to sleep with two of us i accepted it as he was ill that day i and my wife sleeping with my father that night also she requested me to sex at mid night while my father is sleeping she tried took my thing i thored her hand away she just turned opposite to me that mean's towards my father after few minutes and took his thing and started to rub his ball's and **** it became harder and big and this waked up my father she got afraid for rubbing his big **** he wake up and said i am waiting for this satuvation i didn't use my penis for so many year's now i will drill and fill all ur holes with my pen's and ***** he took my wife with both hand's and gave lip lock for long time and after that he said i am waiting to see ur large boob's under your saree she said why not she trying to remove the bra he told no i want squeeze your boob's with the bra he squeezed for long time and she rubing **** harder she is saying it has been increasing rapidly he said it's time for some milk from ur mountain's he sucked one boob'b with his mouth and squeezing with another hand he cheeved my wife's white big breast nipples he said u want horse ride she replyed yes come my hrse is waiting she satton my father thing my father's **** deep into her ***** he ****** very hard that my wife kissing and moaing yes he told let me cumm in ypu mouth he took it out and iserted it in her mouth after a long sex he cummed in her mouth he soothed some on her breast and he went leaving a message to her that if want some more come to up stayer's i saw my wife father sexing while i pretended to sleep i did;'nt even questioned him as he was my father
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got that rite..what r u 15?

Most Stupidest story I have ever read.